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Should i buy a Nitro? Would you buy one again?

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Ok i'm ready to get out of my 01 toyota celica that i have had for 7yrs 123,000 miles and no problems, but i need something bigger now. I've read all the complaints about the Nitro but also good things, now if you'd have to do it again would you buy the Nitro all overs again? Should i get one? Will i regret it if i do? Any help and honest answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Great rig ... except for city driving

Should i get one? Will i regret it if i do?
Hmmmmm............ that's a really good question.

I really, REALLY want to like my Nitro ... and I do like it a lot ... with the notable exception of the transmission ... for reasons of fuel economy, my 4-speed automatic (on an SXT with the 3.7L engine) insists on engaging the torque converter and the overdrive at too low of a speed. This makes city driving a real chore for me.

On the other hand, driving on the open highway is just short of awesome! It's just sustained speeds in the 25-50mph range that have me banging my head on the steering wheel (or at least wanting to).

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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