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Should i buy a Nitro? Would you buy one again?

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Ok i'm ready to get out of my 01 toyota celica that i have had for 7yrs 123,000 miles and no problems, but i need something bigger now. I've read all the complaints about the Nitro but also good things, now if you'd have to do it again would you buy the Nitro all overs again? Should i get one? Will i regret it if i do? Any help and honest answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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thanks man, i was thinking about 08 model cause it seems the problems were on earlier models i think, and i'm torn between the 08 Nitro and 08 Ford Sport Trac.
most of my driving is highway. decisions decisions!
i actuallt like the interior, and i thought the highway gas wa s pretty good, will it beats the sport trac, overall i guess i'm worried about the long haul how reliable it is? i'm so use to my celica which i baby and have never given me trouble. but i love the look of the Nitro especially with some nice 22's and black is gonna be the color.
leaning more towards an 08 black Nitro R/T rather than the sport trac, it just looks much better and beefer. Although i still have to do more homework on the two it's looking good for the Nitro right now, thank you guys for the help and more info is welcomed.
also i havent had time to test drive either, but once i do i think my decision will be made.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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