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in fact it's a manufactured mirror(original with my nitro option),but i dont know how it came without wiring link !!

thanks for helping me

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I have thought about this issue, but as in many cases members do not add their Nitro year and model to their signature, that handicaps a correct or complete reply.

Did some checking and found that at least in 2007 the rear-view auto dimming mirror was only installed on the SLT and R/T models. Also if you have the optional UConnect, your auto dimming mirror is included in that package. This help?

Being a Chrysler Parts Manager in the past for ten years, you see about everything!

Two other things come to mind if you have the wrong rear view installed in your Nitro. Sometimes when the Service Department needed a new part that was not stocked, they would just steal from a new car in stock, and tell the Parts Department to order it for stock # ???. This worked just fine unless the vehicle was sold before the new part arrived or just was never installed.

Another issue could have been poor quality control from the Factory, and the wrong mirror was installed when built. Who know what really happened?

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i'm so happy to have such a friend like u...

same thing came to my mind for a while, but now i'm sure about that when i read this.

i'm going to test my 4 pins in my dim mirror to see the +pos and -neg pin then take a direct link power from the interrior light
it's really sad thing my 08 sxt nitro have such option and cant use it

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Regular use of your mirrors is an essential part of safe driving. You need to be aware of what is happening around you all the time. Operating your car or truck with a damaged or missing side view mirror is dangerous. Don’t risk the high cost of tickets or impound fees, or have your vehicle fail inspection. Get direct replacements by Replace for your factory originals at affordable prices. You can read more information about Replace at

Find out more information about direct replacement side mirrors created by Replace here:

* Direct replacement;
* Installs the same as factory unit, requires no modifications;
* Backed by a limited lifetime warranty;
* Good to fit: Dodge Nitro 2011;

Here also is a link to general Replace side mirrors installation instructions. Take a look, hope you find it helpful:

Also check out this pair of power side mirrors by Sherman:

* With power operation;
* Textured black;
* Completely street legal;
* Backed by a limited lifetime warranty;

So, whether you have power mirrors, heated mirrors, folding mirrors or built-in turn signal mirrors, check all available options here: Dodge Nitro side view mirrors at CARiD

Before you hit the road, adjust your side and rear view mirrors so that you have clear visibility in each of them and remember "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear".

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2010 Dodge Nitro Side View Mirrors

2010 Dodge Nitro Side View Mirrors

Dodge Nitro 2010, Side Mirror by Replace®. Damaged or broken mirror housings make your car unsightly, but driving with cracked or missing mirror glass can be dangerous, not to mention illegal. Don't risk your safety or run afoul of...

Dodge Nitro Power 2010, Power Side Mirror by TYC®. A damaged or faded mirror housing makes your car unsightly, while a cracked or missing mirror glass makes driving dangerous. Don't risk your safety because of the high cost of an OE mirror! TYC side view mirrors are direct replacements for the factory parts but cost much less.
TYC Warranty TYC About


OE quality at an affordable price
Direct replacement
Installs the same as factory unit
Installation requires no modifications
Limited lifetime warranty

Cars and trucks with busted and even missing mirrors - drive around and you'll see them everywhere. With all those narrow streets filled with parked cars, mirror-to-mirror contact is inevitable. And that's how we lose our mirrors. Sure, newer cars have folding mechanisms to bring the mirrors close to the body and out of harm's way, however even that feature cannot save mirrors from damage. Eventually, you have to get a replacement. But going to the dealership to buy an OE side mirror replacement can be so expensive! Well, with TYC you can forget about the dealer.

TYC side view mirrors are identical to the OE parts in every way: same quality, same method of installation. They are not some cheap universal fit parts that require modifications for fitment. The TYC mirror will look, mount, and function exactly the same as the factory unit. Power and heated mirrors have the same electrical connectors, for a plug and play installation. The only thing that's different is the price. TYC side view mirrors are so reasonably priced that there's no reason to live with a disfigured vehicle or endanger anyone by driving an unsafe car or truck. TYC is so confident in the quality of its mirrors that the products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the part is installed.


ALSO check out:
Side Mirror Glass

Dodge Nitro 2010, Side Mirror Glass by K Source®. Fits Mirror: Power, Non-Foldable. This replacement side mirror glass is a perfect solution if you need to replace broken, cracked, or missing glass in your side view mirror and...
Direct OEM replacementGreat option for replacing your side view mirror gl

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Replacement Side Mirrors

Published on Feb 16, 2016

Today we're going to be taking a look at the K-Source replacement side mirror for the driver's side of your vehicle. This product fits a 2007 to 2012 Dodge Nitro. The side view mirror is going to be a direct replacement for the driver's side factory mirror on your vehicle. This is modeled after the manufacturer's original look and fit. It does feature power remote capability. That way you can adjust the mirror face position by using the factory power controls from inside the vehicle.

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Mirrors Issue

I now have 5k miles on my R/T. I am proceeding with mods to personalize the car and I love it. I have one little problem: I have had several close calls dealing with freeway traffic in the massive blind spots encountered with the stock R/T side mirrors. I think the design has them located too far away from the side of the car. I have looked for improved replacements and no cigar. MUTH did say they will have Nitro mirrors in December. I am now real gun shy changing lanes and have spent a lot of time adjusting the mirrors to minimize the blind spot but I can't seem to get rid of it. I am surprised that nowhere on this forum have I read one word about anyone's dissatisfaction with the side mirrors. Am I the only one out of step ?? All help/suggestions will be much appreciated, and I will get the pics up just as soon as I have time.

I am having the same issue. My side views are obstructed. Very dangerous. The mirrors are too big!!!!

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You are not alone! Anyone that has ever driven a Nitro has the same issues including me.

Only suggestion I have is adding fish eye attachment to the stock mirrors. Amazon has many to choose from :

Ampper Rectangle Blind Spot Mirror, 360 Degree HD Glass and ABS Housing Convex Wide Angle Rearview Mirror for Universal Car Fit (Pack of 2)

Ampper Blind Spot Mirror, 2" Round HD Glass Frameless Convex Rear View Mirror, Pack of 2

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The 10 Best Blind Spot Mirrors and Why You Need Them
Blind spot mirrors are a very affordable, cost-efficient way to improve driver safety.

By Jason Siu Feb 10, 2020

The 10 Best Blind Spot Mirrors and Why You Need Them

You don’t need to be a car expert to realize most factory side mirrors have blind spots. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 840,000 blind spot-related accidents occur every year. Some modern vehicles now offer blind spot detection as a safety feature, typically a light that illuminates on the side mirror if an object is in your blind spot. But maybe your vehicle doesn’t offer blind spot detection and you’re looking for a way to conveniently see what’s in your blind spot while driving.

Blind spot mirrors are a very affordable, cost-efficient way to improve driver safety by allowing you to see what’s in your blind spot without turning your head. These small mirrors are especially helpful when driving in urban environments, where you could accidentally miss seeing a pedestrian or cyclist in your blind spot.

The most common blind spot mirrors are a stick-on type that you attach to your existing side mirrors, giving you a broader view of the side and rear of your car. While some vehicles do have blind spot mirrors integrated with their factory side mirrors, most vehicles do not. Fortunately, you can get yourself a pair for about the price of lunch, improving your safety and the safety of those around you.

Table of contents

1. Editor's Pick: Ampper 2-inch Round/Square Blind Spot Mirrors
ampper blind spot mirror
One of the top sellers on Amazon, Ampper offers both round and square blind spot mirrors in packs of two or four. The round mirrors are two inch in diameter and features a curved, frameless, and ultra thin design. They can rotate 360 degrees and are sway adjustable, coming with a tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket and 3M adhesive for easy installation.
The square mirrors measure 3.7 inches by 1.37 inches.
These mirrors are IP65 waterproof, rust resistant, and Amperr says the glass will not haze.

  • Pros/Frameless, ultra thin, adjustable, 3M adhesive, available in round or square
  • Cons/Swivel mount can break over time

2. Fit System Adjustable Blind Spot Mirrors
fit system side stick-on adjustable blind spot mirrors
One of the cheapest options on our list are the Fit System adjustable blind spot mirrors. Their cost comes at a price however, as they do use plastic instead of glass, which isn’t as clear.
Measuring two inches in diameter, they are adjustable and offer a wide angle view. They are however, housed in a thick plastic frame, which limits adjustability and takes up a bit more space on your side mirrors if they’re small. The plastic could also degrade over time depending on weather conditions where you live.
On the back of these mirrors is a small square adhesive for easy installation, although some users report that it’s not very heavy duty.
For most car owners however, these blind spot mirrors will do the job at a very low cost.

  • Pros/Price, adjustable
  • Cons/Plastic mirror instead of glass, plastic frame

3. Utopicar Long Design Blind Spot Mirrors
utopicar long design blind spot mirrors
This blind spot mirror from Utopicar features a longer design for a greater field of view – just make sure that it doesn’t take up too much space on your side mirror. These mirrors measure 5.25 inches by 1.25 inches and are a bit more expensive than other two-inch diameter, round options. They are adjustable and feature 3M adhesive for installation.
Mirrors with this design offer more view to the sides of the vehicle, but aren’t as ideal for parking compared to round mirrors.
Utopicar blind spot mirrors come with a one-year warranty.

  • Pros/Long design for greater FOV, 3M adhesive, one-year warranty
  • Cons/May be too large for some mirrors, doesn't help much for parking

4. Essential Contraptions 4-Pack Blind Spot Mirrors
essential contraptions blind spot mirrors 4-pack
Essential Contraptions’ blind spot mirrors come in a four pack and feature a rust-resistant aluminum frame instead of plastic, and real glass that does not haze over time. They measure two inches in diameter and come with a circular piece of adhesive for easy installation.
These mirrors are not adjustable, so you will want to make sure its field of view is enough for your mirrors. They’re essentially as basic as you can get when it comes to blind spot mirrors. Their price per mirror is cheap, but since they’re sold in a four pack, the overall price is higher than other options on the list.
Some users note that these mirrors are too small for their application and the lack of adjustability limits vision of the blind spot.

  • Pros/Four pack, rust-resistant aluminum frame, real glass
  • Cons/Non-adjustable, price since they're sold as a four pack

5. Utopicar Semi-Oval Blind Spot Mirrors
utopicar semi-oval blind spot mirrors
Also part of Utopicar’s lineup are semi-oval blind spot mirrors that measure 2.6 inches by 1.8 inches. These can be installed as fully adjustable mirrors, featuring 3M outdoor adhesive on the back. If you want to be able to adjust the mirrors, you simply stick the blind spot mirror to the plastic bases prior to installing onto the side mirror. If you want a fixed installation, you can just stick the mirrors onto the car’s side mirror.
Utopicar says the semi-oval design is less convex, providing a bigger image of what’s behind and to the side of the car. The elongated style shows more of what is occupying the near lane, as opposed to the sky or sun.
These mirrors feature a frameless style and high reflective silver film mirrors. They also come with a one-year warranty.

  • Pros/Options for fully adjustable or fixed install, semi-oval frameless design, 3M adhesive, one-year warranty
  • Cons/Price

6. Liberrway Blind Spot Mirrors
liberrway square blind spot mirrors
Liberrway also offers two different blind spot mirrors, one round and one square. These mirrors feature a swivel mounting bracket that offers 360-degree rotation so you can adjust it accordingly. The square mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically spending on your side mirror and comes with 3M adhesive for easy installation. Both style mirrors are IP65 waterproof, rust resistant, and the glass will not haze since they are chrome plated.
The square mirror measures 3.74 inches by 1.38 inches and has a fairly slim design. The round mirrors are two-inch diameter, which is pretty standard for the style.

  • Pros/360-degree adjustable, IP65 waterproof, rust resistant, chrome-plated glass
  • Cons/Easy to move, so you have to readjust them if they get bumped

7. Kitbest Frameless Blind Spot Mirrors
kitbest blind spot mirrors
Kitbest offers two different blind spot mirrors, one of which features a fan-shape design. It has 360-degree rotation and 30-degree sway adjustability, helping you maximize your view. The curved glass has a frameless, ultra thin design and is backed by 3M adhesive for pressure-sensitive tape installation. The mirror is made from waterproof, rust resistant material and the glass will not haze. They also have tiny adjustable swivel mounting brackets, allowing for easy adjustments.
While the fan design is unique, keep in mind that it is larger than a traditional blind spot mirror, so it’s not ideal for use on smaller side mirrors.
If you opt for the round design, they are two inches in diameter, similar to most of the popular round mirrors.

  • Pros/Fan design is unique, 360-degree rotation, 30-degree sway, 3M adhesive, waterproof, rust resistant, glass won't gaze
  • Cons/Fan design isn't ideal for small mirrors, protrudes from mirror

8. Total View 360 Wide Angle Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror
total view 360 wide angle adjustable blind spot mirror
Another popular and affordable option comes from Total View 360. These wide angle, adjustable blind spot mirrors feature a concave design so you get a great view of everything outside your vehicle. Backed with 3M adhesive, these blind spot mirrors take just a few seconds to install and will fit any vehicle’s side mirror. Once installed, they can be rotated and adjusted for better visibility.
Nothing too fancy, these adjustable blind spot mirrors will get the job done at an affordable price.

  • Pros/Adjustable, 3M adhesive, concave design, affordable price
  • Cons/Plastic construction feels cheap, a bit on the small side

9. Zone Tech Square Blind Spot Mirrors
zone tech square blind spot mirrors
A smaller square design is available from Zone Tech, which gives you a view that claims to be three times larger and clearer than other mirrors. These come with a strong adhesive and allows for 360-degree rotation and 30-degree sway adjustments. The mirrors feature curved glass with a frameless and ultra thin design. Essentially, these mirrors are similar to round two-inch units, but with a square design.
There aren’t very many complaints for these mirrors, so they’re a good option if you want something square that fits the style of your side mirror on your vehicle better.

  • Pros/360-degree rotation, 30-degree sway, frameless, ultra thin
  • Cons/Some users find them to be too small

10. Amfor Blind Spot Mirrors
amfor rectangle blind spot mirrors
Amfor offers three different blind spot mirror styles: oval, rectangle, and round. All three types come with 3M adhesive for easy installation and a tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket. These mirrors are fully adjustable, waterproof, rust resistant, and the glass will not haze. A flexible convex shape on the glass provides great visibility along with an ultra thin design.
These are very similar to other products on the list and priced competitively. Some users complain that the mirrors don’t come with instructions, so you’ll have to figure out how to assemble the swivel mount.

  • Pros/Fully adjustable, swivel mount, ultra thin design, waterproof, rust resistant, glass
  • Cons/No instructions included

Benefits of Blind Spot Mirrors
The benefits of blind spot mirrors may seem obvious, but there are other uses for them other than showing you what’s in your blind spot while driving. They’re helpful in general driving situations, helping you keep track of all the traffic around you. For lane changing or even turning, it’s still best to quickly turn to check your blind spots, instead of being entirely dependent on blind spot mirrors.
Blind spot mirrors also come in handy when you’re backing out of a parking space or parallel parking. Installed correctly, blind spot mirrors will show you how close you are getting to a curb, helping make sure you don’t scratch up your wheels.

Choosing the Right Blind Spot Mirrors
For the most part, blind spot mirrors appear to be the same on the surface. They’re either round or square and are designed to give you a better view of what’s to the side and behind your vehicle. But there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right blind spot mirrors for your car.
One thing to consider when picking the correct blind spot mirrors is the size of your stock side mirror. You will want to get blind spot mirrors that don’t take up a lot of space while still providing you a good view of what’s behind and to the side.
Some blind spot mirrors are adjustable, allowing you to angle or turn them to broaden your view. Adjustable blind spot mirrors may cost a bit more, but the added versatility is often worth the extra cost.
Lastly, some blind spot mirrors are constructed from aluminum rather than plastic. Depending on where you live and the conditions of where you store your car, you may want to pay a little extra for aluminum blind spot mirrors so they don’t degrade as quickly as plastic units. For most car owners however, this is a very minor aspect when choosing the right blind spot mirrors.

How to Properly Install Blind Spot Mirrors
Most blind spot mirrors will come with instructions on how to install them properly. Generally it’s a fairly straightforward task, but some mirrors come with swivel mounts that require an extra step or two. Here are some general steps on how to make sure your mirrors are properly installed and secure, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off after a car wash or two.
  1. Determine where you want the blind spot mirror—before you start the actual installation process, you will want to decide where you plan on placing the mirror. Depending on the style you purchased, you will want to test placement to make sure it gives you the field of view you need. Typically this will be either the lower or upper outside corner of your side mirror.
  2. Clean your side mirrors—start your installation process by cleaning the surface of your side mirrors with alcohol. You will want to make sure the adhesive fully sticks on a clean surface and not catching on any dust or debris. Wait for the surface of your mirror to fully dry before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Install the mirror—After the surface of the mirror has completely dried and you have confirmed where you want to place the blind spot mirror, carefully peel back the paper covers on the adhesive and stick the mirror at your desired location. Apply moderate pressure on the blind spot mirror for at least 20 seconds, allowing the adhesive to do its job of securely attaching to the side mirror.
  4. What if the mirror has a swivel mount? If you purchased a mirror that comes with a swivel mount, refer to specific instructions from the manufacturer. But typically, you will stick the blind spot mirror on the bracket, and the bracket will stick to the side mirror. Again, you will want to test placement and adjustability before installing the bracket onto your mirror.
  5. Avoid the car wash! It’s best to avoid washing your car or running it through a car wash for the first 24 hours after installing your blind spot mirrors. This helps ensure the adhesive sticks properly to the side mirror and your blind spot mirror won’t fall off right away.
What if I Want to Remove my Blind Spot Mirrors?
If the adhesive does its job properly, removing your blind spot mirror will require a bit of effort. The most important tool for the job is a single edge razor blade, which you will carefully use to separate the adhesive from your side mirror. Do it slowly to avoid scratching the glass on your mirror, and you can even use a hair dryer to help remove the blind spot mirror.
If there is any leftover adhesive once you get the mirror off, use nail polish, alcohol, or any sort of adhesive remover to get your side mirror back to looking clean.


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Dodge nitro doesn't understand blind spots
•Feb 12, 2020

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