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Island Sinkhole Swallows Up Driver

May 10, 2012

CORPUS CHRISTI - Audra Munguia says she was driving along Windward Way on Padre Island last night around 8 o'clock. It was getting dark. Next thing she knows she's she's fallen into a 4-foot deep sinkhole. "It was just such a shock. I didn't know what to do. I got out and I was just like looking around like oh my God, did this just happen?" she us.

The pictures taken at the scene tell the story. Munguia said it took 3 tow vehicles to pull her car out of the sinkhole, including one to lift it up.Her brand new Dodge Nitro was slightly damaged. She told us she just got it 2 weeks ago and hadn't even made the first payment on it.

It should be noted that there were barricades on Windward and St. Bartholomew, the streets surrounding Leeward, where the sinkhole is. Munguia admits she saw others driver through the barricades. So she did too. "There was one like knocked down. Like as if it was ok to go through or something. There was like one on one side like as if it was a one-way road," she said.

There were barricades blocking the sinkhole today, but the question is whether they were up and visible last night, when the accident happened.

Tim Medrano's with the city's Streets Department. "No. These weren't. I brought them and put 'em up. Those over there were up. And these over here were up," he said. He also told us he didn't show up at the scene until police called after the accident.

Munguia told us police didn't make a report or cite her last night. She also stressed that she was not drinking. She's waiting to hear from the city's Risk Management Department. And for her car to be fixed.

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