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Sirius radio presets dissapeared- need help please

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I have the MYGIG and free sirius radio subscription for a year. All was well until the other day I started up my Nitro and it said that my subscription had run out.

A quick phone call to sirius and I was back up and running within an hour. They just reset my account, sent out a new signal and gave me a full year from the new date. So basically I got an extra 4-5 months free.

The problem:

Once I had my subscription back on, I wen tin to my SAT Presets (ex, howard stern, espn, etc) and attemted to scroll thru them as usual and they were all gone. I figured no problem, I'll just punch them in there again, but now it wont let me.

When I first bought the Nitro, I went into the SAT presets and there were like 20 or so, all listed at channel 185 or something, set on WEATHER. all you do is scan to what radio station you want and hold the preset number and bango! that is your new station.

Now I cant do that cause there is no 1-20 list and there is not even a screen that will allow me to do this. I even went into the main menu and turned "presets ON". No luck

Any ideas here? I called sirius and reset my signal 3 times....nothing.

My local dealership doesnt even know what MYGIG is because they wont let you order it here case they say that the GPS doesnt work in Atlantic Canada. Which, of course, is false. Mine works perfect...except for my sat cuts out when i drive in certain areas of town.

Is there any way to Reboot the hard drive?

Are there updates that I should have loaded into the MYGIG?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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