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SIRIUS Debuts Starmate 5 Dock & Play Radio

SIRIUS Debuts Starmate 5 Dock & Play Radio

Posted on : 2008-10-02 | Author : SIRIUS XM Radio
News Category : PressRelease

NEW YORK, Oct. 2 NY-SIRI-Starmate5

Popular Dock & Play radio will be the first satellite radio enabled for A La Carte channel selection

Starmate 5 will also support "The Best of XM" on SIRIUS and other new programming plans

NEW YORK, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) today announced the introduction of the Starmate 5, the next generation Dock & Play satellite radio that will play over 130 channels of SIRIUS programming, including 100% commercial-free music, plus talk, sports, news, comedy and entertainment.

The Starmate 5 will also support A La Carte channel selection, as well as "The Best of XM" programming package. With an MSRP of $129.99, the Starmate 5 is now available at retail at Best Buy, Crutchfield, RadioShack and regional retailers. Starmate 5 radios are also available at Portable Sirius Radio, Satellite Radio Car Kit, Sirius Satellite Radio System.

"We are pleased to launch the first-ever satellite radio enabled for A La Carte channel selection," said Bob Law, Group Vice President and General Manager, Aftermarket Division, SIRIUS XM Radio. "The Starmate 5 Dock & Play radio reinforces SIRIUS XM Radio's promise to give consumers more programming and pricing options."

Starmate 5 is built with universal docking capability, allowing for effortless transfer between home and car docks. The popular SIRIUS Dock & Play radio features a blue widescreen display for easy viewing and use, and includes a complete vehicle kit. Optional accessory docking kits and audio systems allow convenient use in the home, office and additional vehicles.

The Starmate 5 is easy to use and features:

A La Carte channel selection or "The Best of XM" and other programming packages

Blue wide-screen display for easy viewing and use
SIRIUS Replay(TM): Pause, rewind and replay up to 44 minutes of live satellite radio

FM transmitter or stereo audio output to connect to any vehicle's radio
FM preset function: Store the best FM frequencies in the area
30 presets: Enjoy fast access to favorite channels
S-Seek(TM) Alert: Don't miss favorite artists, songs and sports
One-Touch Jump(TM): Jump to favorite channels or local traffic and weather
Universal docking capability: Add accessories to enjoy in the home, office or additional vehicles

SIRIUS XM Radio's "Best of Both" programming and full slate of new plans, including the opportunity to choose channels on an A La Carte basis for the first time ever in subscription media are now available.

About SIRIUS XM Radio

SIRIUS XM Radio is America's satellite radio company delivering the "The Best Radio on Radio" to more than 18 million subscribers, including 100% commercial-free music, and premier sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather.

SIRIUS XM Radio has exclusive content relationships with an array of personalities and artists, including Howard Stern, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis, Jamie Foxx, Barbara Walters, Frank Sinatra, Opie & Anthony, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tom Petty, and Bob Edwards. SIRIUS XM Radio is the leader in sports programming as the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the NFL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR(R), NHL, and PGA Tour(R), and broadcasts major college sports.

SIRIUS XM Radio has exclusive arrangements with every major automaker. SIRIUS XM Radio products are available at and, and at retail locations nationwide, including Best Buy, Circuit City, RadioShack, Target, Sam's Club, and Wal-Mart.

SIRIUS XM Radio also offers SIRIUS Backseat TV, the first ever live in-vehicle rear seat entertainment featuring Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network; XM NavTraffic service for GPS navigation systems delivers real-time traffic information, including accidents and road construction, for more than 80 North American markets.

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Sirius Coming Out With New Satellite Radio Boombox

October 14, 2008

For those of you aspiring to be the next Satellite Radio Raheem, here's a few newly leaked photos of the upcoming Sirius SUB-X2 Boombox. Much like the current SUB-X1, the new music player will sport a front-panel headphone jack, auxiliary input for other MP3 players, and a universal docking system. I wonder if that docking system will support XM radios as well, now that they're married and all. Prices and more detailed specs have yet to be announced, though it shouldn't cost you too much more than its last iteration.

Link w/pictures:
Sirius Coming Out With New Satellite Radio Boombox - Gizmodo Australia

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Pioneer Ships Sirius XM Wearable XMp3

10/15/2008 7:31:00 AM

The XMp3

New York — Sirius XM and Pioneer Electronics announced availability of the next-generation Pioneer Inno wearable satellite radio receiver, now called the XMp3, at a suggested retail of $279.

The new 3.1-ounce portable is the first satellite radio receiver that can record several stations at once for storage in memory. It also has a programming guide that displays broadcasts on each channel up to two weeks in advance to help users discover new music and broadcasts.

Users can schedule up to five channels of XM recording on the XMp3 for 75 hours of stored sports, talk and music programming. The device also automatically records an additional 30 hours of content, so when the user is not in range of a satellite signal he can switch to recorded content.

Another feature is DVR-like recording of up to 30 minutes of live programming that lets users rewind, pause or fast forward through his selections. MP3 files can also be stored on the device and it has a micro-SD card for additional MP3 storage.

According to the XM2go Web site, the device appears to access XM programming as well as the option of Best of Both programming offering full XM plus select Sirius channels. It does not appear to offer Wi-Fi.

The new programming guide lets users schedule shows to record in advance and the device has a music manager that lets users create custom playlists of favorite XM recordings and their own MP3 files.

The XMp3 predecessor, the Pioneer Inno ($399) was one of the first satellite radio headphone MP3 players. The Inno is also the subject of two lawsuits by record labels and music publishers that are in the process of being settled. At the heart of the suits is the Inno’s DVR-like feature because it lets users retain individual recorded songs in memory.

Pioneer Ships Sirius XM Wearable XMp3 - 10/15/2008 7:31:00 AM - TWICE

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Sirius XM Radio laid off at least 50 workers yesterday,

Sirius XM Radio Lays Off 50 Including DJs, Employees SayBy Mike

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sirius XM Radio laid off at least 50 workers yesterday, including on- and off-air talent at channels with formats ranging from oldies to modern rock, according to employees and a source with direct knowledge of the cutbacks.

The satellite radio company's New York offices did not return phone calls or e-mails yesterday seeking comment on the matter. But a source, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the staffing situation, confirmed that the company was initiating layoffs.

Staff reductions had been rumored since Sirius acquired District-based XM this summer in a deal valued at $3.3 billion. Chief executive Mel Karmazin told investors and analysts last month that the company will lose about $350 million this year on revenue of $2.4 billion.

XM DJ Kandy Klutch said talk of pending layoffs at the company had been stress-inducing in recent months.

Sirius XM Radio Lays Off 50 Including DJs, Employees Say

"It's not a surprise at all," she said. "It's actually a relief." Klutch, who was a DJ on XM's '80s channel, had worked at XM since 2001.

But Washington-based disc jockey Matt Baldassarri, who until last night hosted a show called "Night Prowl" on which he played music from the '50s, said he was shocked when he found out he'd lost his job.

Baldassarri had got married a week and a half ago and just returned from his honeymoon.

"This is probably going to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do," said Baldassarri, reached yesterday afternoon before his final show. "It's devastating on several levels. I'm riding so high on the anxiety of doing my last show that it hasn't sunk in yet."

Baldassarri said he hopes to find another job as a DJ in another major market, "but jobs these days for a disc jockey like me are pretty rare -- that's what made XM so special."

At a Web site for XM alternative music station XMU, the station's DJs offered a brief, cryptic goodbye. "[We] have enjoyed the years of love, music, fun and passion we have exchanged with our friends in music," said a message posted on the site. "It's been more than a pleasure."

Analysts said yesterday that layoffs were to be expected as the merged companies consolidated their staff.

"It shouldn't be any surprise that some people will be relieved of their duties as a result of the merger," said April Horace, a radio industry analyst with Janco Partners. "This is part of the overall cost synergy that Mel [Karmazin] has talked about."

The company's shares have been steadily declining since before the market's recent troubles. A year ago, shares were trading at almost $4. Yesterday, shares closed at 42 cents after starting the day at 49 cents.

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Sirius CEO makes $5.27 million in 2007

October 17, 2008

NEW YORK The chief executive of Sirius XM Radio Inc. received $5.27 million in compensation for 2007, according to a Friday regulatory filing in which the company asked shareholders to approve a reverse stock split to boost the share price so it won't violate stock listing requirements.

Mel Karmazin, whose 5-year employment contract with the satellite radio company expires next year, received a salary of $1.25 million, a cash bonus of $4 million and retirement benefits worth $18,743.

LINK: Sirius CEO makes $5.27 million in 2007

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Up to 50% of 2009-model U.S. vehicles will feature satellite radio

[I]The proliferation of the technology in the automobile is reaching a critical point as 2010 approaches. Just a couple weeks ago it was revealed that 58% of all 2009 model year cars will have a media player or iPod interface. Today it's satellite radio that has broken through the 50% barrier.

Satellite radio hasn't always been popular; in fact just two years ago, only 15% of new models carried the feature. Doubling that figure to 30% in 2008 and almost doubling again to over 50% for 2009 models, according to Automotive News, satellite radio is on a charge.

The focus of most of the rapidly growing technology inside cars is related directly to music and phone connectivity. Keeping in touch with friends and family while keeping abreast of the latest and hottest trends in music are apparently driving forces in the new-car buying public.

How the impending merger of XM and Sirius, the two satellite radio companies in North America, will affect this expansion is not clear, but it will take time. Developing joint technology - hardware that can interoperate with both satellite systems - and getting it into automobiles could take up to 15 years because of the logistics of both the hardware itself and the car companies. [/I]

LINK:Up to 50% of 2009-model U.S. vehicles will feature satellite radio - MotorAuthority - Car news, reviews, spy shots

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Survival plans for Sirius XM Interview

October 24, 2008

Mel Karamzin, CEO of Sirius XM Radio, with panelists Neal Boudette, The Wall Street Journal and Jeff Gilbert, WWJ Newsradio. Topic: survival plans for Sirius XM and its role in the auto industry.

Too many channels, not enough listeners, pools of red ink -- welcome to the world of satellite radio. Despite its myriad of advantages and incorporation into many new cars and trucks, both Sirius and XM Radio seemed more hooked to financial life support than to fleets of vehicles the last few years. It was as if the business was crying for, as David Bowie put it, "a Starman waiting in the sky" to supernaturally save the service. Well, that celebrity executive landed at Sirius some four years ago in the form of Mel Karmazin with a resume that included running Infinity Broadcasting, CBS Radio and as well as the entire CBS Corporation. Since his arrival he has not only increased subscriptions but more importantly brokered a merger between the two services believing that one strong company can prosper in this less than predictable economy.

This week Autoline welcomes Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius XM Radio. Host John McElroy along with panelists Neal Boudette from The Wall Street Journal and Jeff Gilbert of WWJ Newsradio Detroit talk to this Hall of Fame broadcast executive about his survival plans for Sirius XM and the important role the auto industry plays in the process.

So if you'd like to know what the "Starman of Sirius XM" plans for the media in your car or truck, check out this week's Autoline.

This is a great and interesting Interview about Sirius XM Radio! Check it out....

Entire Show Video Link:

Starman (Show #1239) on Autoline Detroit

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Sirius XM Radio Launches New Channel

Thu, 30 Oct 2008

Sirius XM Radio Launches Led Zeppelin Channel

Fans of classic rock will be glad to hear that Sirius XM Satellite Radio has announced that it will be offering a new channel that is strictly for Led Zeppelin. The channel will be 100% commercial free and broadcast on Sirius channel 12 or XM channel 39.

The station will launch on Saturday November 1 at 6 pm ET and run through December 31. In addition to playing most every song from the Zeppelin catalog, the station will also offer archived interviews with band members.

"Led Zeppelin is one of the most important rock bands in history," said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio. "We are thrilled to broadcast Led Zeppelin Radio for our subscribers and provide Led Zeppelin fans the only place to go for a comprehensive experience of their music and interviews with one of rock's most iconic bands."

Via Sirius

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Station Merger November 12th

Sirius, XM Set Date for Station Merger

November 07, 2008 | 3:25:14

Siriusxm Sirius and XM satellite radio subscribers wondering when the merger of the two companies will start affecting their programming need wonder no more. Sirius XM Radio will shift both services into their new formats on November 12.

The XM Escape channel was the first to announce the date that the new Sirius XM Radio line-up will go into effect, according to Rolling Stone, and a DJ on Sirius' The Pulse channel later confirmed the date.

For some, it's the chance to experience a better selection of high-quality channels (Howard Stern's already on both Sirius and XM, for instance). Others could lose their favorite channels, assuming those channels aren't included in one of the "best of" packages. One example of this is NBA fans with early Sirius radios losing NBA programming after the switch, and the punk channels Sirius Punk and Fungus 53 being replaced by an AC/DC channel.

Other than that, not much is known about Sirius and XM's combined channel line-ups and packages, because neither division of the merged company has released that information. But with only a about a month until the channels change, we shouldn't have to wait much longer to see what the combined line-up will include, and what sort of packages are available to try to fill gaps.

LINK:Sirius, XM Set Date for Station Merger | Listening Post from

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Sirius Canada News


While the two satellite radio providers in the U.S., Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, move forward with a merged company, their namesakes in Canada (which simply license the name from the U.S. counterparts) are continuing efforts to operate as separate companies. Both Canadian companies, Sirius Canada and XM Canada, have recently made adjustments to their individual programming line-ups, adding several new channels of both music and talk programming.

Sirius customers will be able to access programming from Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Willie Nelson via a traditional country station; and new channels like AC/DC Radio, Led Zeppelin Radio, the Grateful Dead Channel, and Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Radio will also be available.

Channels like Southern Gospel, Book Talk, Pop Hits from the 1990s and 2000s, American Politics, Beautiful Music, and Singers Songwriters will also now be broadcast. One of the neatest new channel additions, in my opinion, is called Cinemagic, which will feature tunes from popular movie soundtracks.

Naturally, in keeping with Canadian content regulations, these channels will replace existing ones; while other stations may be renamed or moved to different channels on the Sirius service. For example, channel 9 used to host The Pulse, which included tunes from the 90s as well as today. The Pulse will now be found on channel 12, while the new 90s Pop Hits channel will appear on channel 9 (and aptly be named 90s on 9).

Deleted channels include Sirius Disorder, The Strobe, Boombox, Backspin, Universo Latino, E!, and Punk. However, tunes that would have been heard on these channels will be incorporated into other like ones.

Meanwhile, over at XM, the satellite radio provider is adding channel offerings from Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Elvis Presley, Grateful Dead, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, and Jamie Foxx. In sports, we’ll see five new NBA play-by-play channels.

In other news, Sirius is offering a holiday promotion that consists of the Stratus 5 satellite radio receiver, vehicle kit, and a three-month subscription and activation for $80.
LINK: Sirius, XM Add Channels:

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Why Some Listeners Are Threatening to Leave

Nov 17 2008

I’ve been writing and editing the Radio portion of since 2002 and I can count on one hand the amount of news stories or controversies which have generated more reaction than the recent programming consolidation of the SIRIUS and XM services.

Subscribers are livid. Dismayed. Pissed. Ready to bail.

You’d think with the business model of Satellite Radio – you know where subscribers foot the bill and not the advertisers like traditional Radio – that somebody, somewhere in some office would have thought, “Hey, before we change around all the programming on both services maybe we should ask our customers for input.”

Article Continued Here:

The SIRIUS XM Radio Bailout: Why Some Listeners Are Threatening to Leave

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SIRIUS XM Radio Announces Holiday Channel Lineup

SIRIUS XM Radio holiday channel lineup features:

Holly on SIRIUS channel 81 and XM channel 35 will broadcast contemporary holiday hits mixed with selected traditional favorites and will include Bruce Springsteen, Amy Grant, The Carpenters, Mannheim Steamroller and more. Holly will air through New Year's Eve, December 31.

Bing Crosby Christmas Radio on SIRIUS channel 113 and XM channel 120, a non-stop broadcast of more than twenty years of vintage Bing Crosby holiday radio specials, hosted exclusively for SIRIUS XM by the Crosby family and featuring a wide variety of Crosby's beloved music -- including his most popular recording ever, "White Christmas" -- and special guests like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Bob Hope among others. Bing Crosby Christmas Radio will air beginning December 13 at 12 midnight ET to Christmas Day, December 25.

Holiday Traditions on XM channel 36 will broadcast traditional holiday recordings from the '40s through the '60s by artists including Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Ray Conniff, Nat "King" Cole and more. Holiday Traditions will air beginning Monday, November 24 at 12 midnight ET through Christmas Day, December 25.

Holiday Pops on SIRIUS channel 79 and XM channels 37 and 77 will broadcast beloved carols sung by the greatest classical musicians of all-time including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Luciano Pavarotti, Boston Pops and Leontyne Price among others. Holiday Pops will air beginning Thanksgiving Day November 27 at 12 midnight ET to Christmas Day, December 25.

Radio Hanukkah on SIRIUS channel 3 and XM channel 38 will broadcast a celebration showcasing Hanukkah music and Jewish culture. Radio Hanukkah will air beginning the first night of Hanukkah on December 21 starting at 12 midnight ET to December 29.

Regular SIRIUS XM programming will resume after the holiday season.

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Sirius XM Launches Black Friday Promo, Outlines Plans

Sirius XM Launches Black Friday Promo, Outlines Plans

11/25/2008 8:55:00 AM

New York — On Black Friday, Sirius XM will launch a trial, free “Best of Both” promotion and its first holiday advertising under a single Sirius XM banner.

The company will give consumers three free months of “Best of Both” service with the purchase of any Sirius or Sirius XM

Jim Meyer, Sirius XM's operations and sales president.
XM aftermarket product. The top-tier service usually carries a charge of $16.99/month, and adds Sirius channels to an XM subscription or XM channels to a Sirius subscription at a $4 premium. The company will also abandon separate XM and Sirius ads and focus heavily this season on radio advertising, said operations and sales president Jim Meyer in an exclusive interview with TWICE.

The executive also offered several insights into Sirius XM’s outlook during this volatile period.

Meyer said the company’s sales to date of “Best of Both” subscriptions exceeded all forecasts, adding that it is too soon to tell how the lower-tier a la carte services is performing at $6.99/month.

“This is the first opportunity we’ve had to sell tiered programming. When you look at the other pay services, tiered programming has been successful. We’re encouraged by the early results. Obviously we like it better when they buy $16.99 rate than $6.99.”

The company hopes the switch to joint advertising will alleviate customer confusion at retail. “If you go to a Best Buy or Circuit City beginning this week, Friday, for the holiday period, you’ll see a common display with both brands displayed and a common merchandise strategy. We think that goes a long way toward the elimination of confusion. A single pointed display and single pointed ads. Also, within the retail brochures, one promotion for both brands.”

Displays will also be available in other stores and will spell out service plans.

He said advertising this year will include more radio and less TV. “We think changing it up was a good idea. We’re excited about [radio] because we think it is an efficient vehicle to get new listeners.” He noted of print ads, “We think we’ll be well represented in retail ads — we’re very happy with the space we’ve been able to secure through our retailers.”

When asked how Sirius XM perceived the recent spate of complaints from bloggers after the company adjusted its channel lineup, the satellite radio executive said the changeover resulted in relatively few deactivations. “Over the last five days, while I never like to lose any customers, I can tell you it’s been a non-issue. We did lose some. In my mind, so far, I’ve been very pleased considering as a big a change as we did.”

Meyer acknowledged the headwinds of the current economy, stating, “No doubt the downturn will have an impact on how many new cars are sold next year and how many will have satellite radio in them. We’re all trying to wait till this thing finds its bottom and figure out where to go from there. We get predictions from our partners and two or three industry sources and they are all over the place. It’s difficult to predict how many cars will be sold in 2009. With that in mind, we’ve always been on the Sirius side-and we’re applying that to the XM side — we’ve always been committed to the aftermarket business and we continue to be committed to the aftermarket and will continue to promote and advertise in ways that we think will help drive the business.”

Sirius XM is starting to experiment with promotions to customers of used cars. “The company is now old enough that we’re beginning for the first time to see sizeable amounts of factory installed satellite radios [in cars] that are traded in and sold, and now we’re very much interested in remarketing to get the next car owner to subscribe as well,” Meyer said.
It is working with CarMax and AutoNation and with certified pre-owned dealers. “We’re looking at ways to direct market to consumers of those used cars to offer them a try out. We’ve developed a lot of approaches and we’re out testing several of them now. This is going to take several months to evaluate.”

LINK:Sirius XM Launches Black Friday Promo, Outlines Plans - 11/25/2008 8:55:00 AM - TWICE

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ABBA Radio Returns

SIRIUS XM Radio Brings ABBA Radio Channel Back for a Limited 9-Day Encore

Sirius XM Radio Inc
12/11/2008 2:30:00 PM

NEW YORK, Dec 11, 2008 --

ABBA Radio will be available to XM subscribers for the first time

ABBA Radio will broadcast the ABBA song catalog, a new interview with Benny Andersson of ABBA plus celebrity guest deejays playing their favorite music by ABBA

SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) is bringing back ABBA Radio, the exclusive 100% commercial-free music channel dedicated to international pop supergroup ABBA. The limited-run channel will return to SIRIUS channel 3 and will be broadcast for the first time on XM channel 31 starting Friday, December 12 at 6 pm through Saturday, December 20 at 11:59 pm ET.

The ABBA Radio channel will broadcast ABBA music 24/7 and features all the hits originally performed by the group. The channel also broadcasts tracks from the soundtrack of MAMMA MIA! The Movie featuring two-time Academy Award(R)-winning actress Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth singing ABBA songs. In addition, SIRIUS XM listeners will also hear original cast recordings of the international hit stage musical phenomenon, MAMMA MIA!

For the channel re-launch, Benny Andersson of ABBA sat down for a new, never-before-heard interview with ABBA expert and music journalist Fred Bronson. SIRIUS XM listeners and ABBA fans will hear Andersson describe the headline-making moment when the four members of ABBA made their appearance at the premiere of MAMMA MIA! The Movie in Stockholm. Andersson will also discuss his cameo in the movie with Bjorn Ulvaeus as well as his opinion on Meryl Streep's singing performance.

In addition to broadcasting the original music of ABBA and the new interview with Benny Andersson, SIRIUS XM will air an encore broadcast of interviews with Andersson and his fellow ABBA member, Bjorn Ulvaeus. The two legendary songwriters will offer their unique insights into the many pop classics they wrote and ABBA's enduring legacy in music today.

ABBA Radio also features celebrity fans sharing their favorite ABBA music and personal stories, including stars from MAMMA MIA! The Movie Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Christine Baranski and Amanda Seyfried. SIRIUS XM listeners will also hear featured guest deejay sessions with Martha Stewart, singer Dionne Warwick, New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, Neil Sedaka, songwriter Desmond Child, Randy Jones of The Village People and many others.

MAMMA MIA! The Movie is the global phenomenon based on the songs of ABBA and the Broadway show. The film features timeless favorites such as "Dancing Queen," "I Have a Dream," "Voulez-Vous" and "Take a Chance on Me" woven into a tale of love, laughter and friendship. MAMMA MIA! The Movie will be released on DVD on Tuesday, December 16, 2008.

ABBA Radio continues SIRIUS XM Radios' tradition of creating exclusive limited run artist-branded channels dedicated to iconic musicians. In addition to the current broadcast of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Radio, Led Zeppelin Radio and AC/DC Radio, SIRIUS XM has previously offered limited run channels such as Mandatory Metallica, Rolling Stones Radio, The Spectrum of John Mellencamp, The Who Channel, Radio R.E.M., Coldplay Nation, Neil Diamond Radio, Jay-Z Nation, Michael Jackson's XM Thriller, George Strait's Strait Country, Garth Brooks Radio, Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Radio and Duran Duran's Red Carpet Radio among many others.

For more information, please visit SIRIUS Satellite Radio - ABBA Radio and XM Satellite Radio - America's #1 Satellite Radio Service.

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Sirius XM Shareholders Approve Reverse Stock Split

Sirius XM Shareholders Approve Reverse Stock Split (Update1)

Dec. 18 -- Sirius XM Radio Inc. shareholders approved a reverse stock split and an increase in shares to help the satellite-radio operator pay its debts.

Today’s vote boosted the number of authorized shares to 8 billion from 4.5 billion, New York-based Sirius said in an e- mailed statement. Investors also permitted the board to effect a reverse split ranging from 1-for-10 shares to as much as 1-for-50 to lift the stock price above $1 and avoid delisting from the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Selling new shares could give Sirius the means to meet some of its almost $1 billion in loan repayments due next year, including $209 million in convertible bonds maturing in February. The stock has traded below $1 since Sept. 10 on investor concern that Chief Executive Officer Mel Karmazin won’t be able to manage the debt and meet growth projections.

“This gives them a little more flexibility as it relates to the refinancing,” April Horace, an analyst with Janco Partners in Greenwood Village, Colorado, said in an interview. Horace, who doesn’t own the stock, rates the shares “market perform” because of uncertainty in the auto and retail industries.

Sirius climbed half a cent to 13.5 cents at 4 p.m. New York time in Nasdaq trading. The shares have tumbled 96 percent this year. Before the stock fell below a dollar, Karmazin, 65, said the company had no plans for a split.

Stern, Football

The satellite-radio company, home to Howard Stern and the National Football League, also reaffirmed its revenue projection of $2.4 billion for this year and $2.7 billion in 2009. The company said its loss before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization this year will be $200 million, revised from a previous projection of a $300 million shortfall.

The $2.76 billion all-stock purchase of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. by Sirius in July created a company with more than 18.5 million subscribers. Sirius predicts subscribers to rise to 20.6 million next year.

The merger closed more than six months into a U.S. recession that has constrained consumer borrowing and spending. U.S. auto sales, Sirius’s biggest single source of new subscribers, tumbled 37 percent in November to their lowest level in 26 years.

Karmazin said in August that Sirius XM could weather a decline in auto sales because carmakers were putting radios in a greater proportion of vehicles.

Last month, Sirius reported a third-quarter net loss of $4.88 billion, including a $4.75 billion writedown. Worldwide

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2008-09 College Football Post-Season

SIRIUS XM Radio Announces Extensive Coverage of 2008-09 College Football Post-Season

SIRIUS XM Radio announced today that it will offer listeners nationwide extensive coverage of college football's post-season, with live play-by-play of 25 bowl games including the Bowl Championship Series, the Rose Bowl and the FedEx BCS National Championship game.

SIRIUS XM's coverage will begin Saturday, December 20, when Navy plays Wake Forest in the EagleBank Bowl (11:00am ET on SIRIUS channel 122 and XM channel 144) and continues through Thursday, January 8, when the nation's #1 team, the Oklahoma Sooners led by Heisman Trophy-winner Sam Bradford, face off against the #2 Florida Gators and 2007 Heisman-winner Tim Tebow in the FedEx BCS National Championship Game in Miami, FL (8:00pm ET on SIRIUS channel 120 and XM channel 140). A complete schedule of games and channels appears below.

Leading up to the national title game, SIRIUS XM personality Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo will host his daily show, Mad Dog Unleashed, live from Miami on Wednesday, January 7 (2:00-7:00pm ET) and Thursday, January 8 (2:00-7:00pm ET) on SIRIUS channel 123 and XM channel 144.

Additionally, every weekday morning (7:00-10:00am ET) throughout the college post-season, SIRIUS XM's college sports talk show, Rivals Radio, hosted by Bill King, will air live on SIRIUS channel 122 and XM channel 144, covering all the latest news and results and previewing every bowl match-up.

Every Wednesday (10:00am-12:00pm ET) on SIRIUS channel 122 and XM channel 144, Jack Arute and Gary Danielson host The SIRIUS XM College Football Coaches Show, covering the world of college football and interviewing head coaches and players from around the nation.

SIRIUS XM's College Bowl Game schedule: (All times ET)

EagleBank Bowl, Washington, DC - Navy vs. Wake Forest
December 20, 11:00 am, SIRIUS channel 122 / XM channel 144 (Navy feed)

New Mexico Bowl, Albuquerque, NM - Colorado St. vs. Fresno St.
December 20, 2:30pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

St. Petersburg Bowl, St. Petersburg, FL - South Florida vs. Memphis
December 20, 4:30pm, SIRIUS channel 122 / XM channel 144 (ESPN Radio feed)

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, New Orleans, LA - Troy vs. Southern Mississippi

December 21, 8:15pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, San Diego, CA - Boise St. vs. TCU

December 23, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 144 (ESPN Radio feed)

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Honolulu, HI - Notre Dame vs. Hawaii
December 24, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Motor City Bowl, Detroit, MI - Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan
December 26, 7:30pm, SIRIUS channel 122 / XM channel 144 (TBC Sports feed)

Meineke Car Care Bowl, Charlotte, NC - North Carolina vs. West Virginia
December 27, 1:00pm, SIRIUS channel 122 / XM channel 144 (ISP feed)

Champs Sports Bowl, Orlando, FL - Wisconsin vs. Florida St.
December 27, 4:30pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Emerald Bowl, San Francisco, CA - California vs. Miami
December 27, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed) Bowl, Birmingham, AL - Rutgers vs. NC State
December 29, 3:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Valero Alamo Bowl, San Antonio, TX - Missouri vs. Northwestern
December 29, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, San Diego, CA - Oklahoma St. vs. Oregon
December 30, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Fort Worth, TX - Air Force vs. Houston

December 31, 12:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Chick-fil-A Bowl, Atlanta, GA - LSU vs. Georgia Tech
December 31, 7:30pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Outback Bowl, Tampa, FL - Iowa vs. South Carolina
January 1, 11:00am, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, FL - Clemson vs. Nebraska

January 1, 1:00pm, SIRIUS channel 122 / XM channel 144 (TD Radio/Sports Byline feed)

Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA - Penn State vs. USC
January 1, 4:30pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

FedEx Orange Bowl, Miami, FL - Virginia Tech. vs. Cincinnati
January 1, 8:30pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

AT&T Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX - Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss
January 2, 2:00pm, SIRIUS channel 122 / XM channel 144 (Texas tech feed)

AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Memphis, TN - Kentucky vs. E. Carolina
January 2, 5:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

Allstate Sugar Bowl, New Orleans, LA - Utah vs. Alabama
January 2, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

International Bowl, Toronto, Canada - Buffalo vs. Connecticut
January 3, 12:00pm, SIRIUS channel 122 / XM channel 144 (TBC Sports feed)

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Glendale, AZ - Texas vs. Ohio St.
January 5, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

FedEx BCS National Championship Game, Miami, FL - Oklahoma vs. Florida
January 8, 8:00pm, SIRIUS channel 120 / XM channel 140 (ESPN Radio feed)

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Audiovox / Sirius Deal Means Good News

Audiovox / Sirius Deal Means Good News for Consumers
December 31, 2008

Audiovox Corporation (VOXX) announced Tuesday that they have reached an agreement in principle with SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio (SIRI), which promises to make Audiovox the principal supplier of satellite radio products to the North American aftermarket.

The deal, once the distribution agreement is finalized, will make Audiovox a major warehousing, distribution, and logistics partner to satellite radio. Audiovox is no stranger to the satellite radio world, having worked with both Sirius and XM in the past. That past and present relationship should help keep the retail channel more stable going forward.

Patrick Lavelle, President and CEO of Audiovox, sees this as a major move for the company, stating, “This is yet another major milestone for our Company as it further strengthens our leading position in the satellite radio category. Despite the current economic climate, satellite radio is still growing and we believe it will continue to be a prominent form of consumer entertainment. With this agreement, we expect our satellite radio sales to more than double next year with limited exposure. We look forward to partnering with SIRIUS XM in this next phase of their corporate evolution.”

Directed bowed out of the satellite radio sector earlier this year. At the time it was rumored that New Age would play a role in SDARS, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside, at least for the time being.

For consumers, this is likely a good piece of news. Audiovox has wide ranging distribution agreements with many retailers, and has known name brands that consumers are familiar with. While this is speculation, I would anticipate that new products will be available after September of 2009, with perhaps a couple of new devices in time for Father’s Day.

LINK:Audiovox / Sirius Deal Means Good News for Consumers - Seeking Alpha

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Satellite Radio: Lots of In-Car Listeners, No Profits Yet

Satellite Radio: Lots of In-Car Listeners, No Profits Yet

January 8th, 2009 @ 9:58 am

Sirius’ Starmate 5 radio: playing the hits, and more.If satellite radio’s wealth were measured in paying customers, it would be a rich company. Sirius XM Radio has almost 20 million subscribers in 2009, compared to less than a million that Sirius alone had in 2004 when it signed on Howard Stern (for an incredible $500 million over five years). In a very difficult media economy, the newly merged company is projecting 13 percent revenue growth, to $2.7 billion, in 2009.

But new listeners aren’t enough, and satellite radio has never been profitable. Sirius XM is staggering under a Tribune Co. level of debt, and nearly $1 billion of it comes due this year. (Ironically, Tribune’s chief innovation officer, radio program legend Lee Abrams, is the former creative chief at XM.)

Satellite radio’s problems are compounded by its dependence on the ailing auto industry. Most satellite subscribers listen primarily in their cars, though various home options are also available. The industry is losing sales and cutting back in many ways, but it seems loyal to Sirius XM. A spokesman for the combined services says it has relationships with every major automaker, most of whom are increasing satellite’s reach into their product lines.

In a conference call last November, Sirius XM CFO David Frear told analysts the company had seen “a pretty good uptick in penetration rates” during the third quarter. Ford, for instance, has targeted 70 percent Sirius XM penetration beginning with its 2009 models. General Motors puts the service in 80 percent of its cars and trucks. Even if you just bought a used GM vehicle, you can get a free three-month XM trial.

“Our current agreement is scheduled to continue through 2013, and we have no plans to alter that agreement,” said Jocelyn K. Allen, a spokesperson for GM’s OnStar service. One reason that carmakers like satellite radio, besides the prestige factor, is the built-in revenue-sharing arrangement that adds to seriously straitened bottom lines.

There is definitely a lot of great commercial-free programming on XM Sirius. But today’s satellite subscribers, who may be looking for ways to cut the family budget, do have other options. They can go back to broadcast radio, or they can plug their music-laden iPods into the handy “aux in” port that many carmakers have made standard equipment. That way they can be their own DJs, and it won’t cost them a dime.

LINK:Satellite Radio: Lots of In-Car Listeners, No Profits Yet | BNET Auto Blog | BNET

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Sirius XM rumored to raise pricing by spring 2009

Tuesday, Jan 20th 2009

All of you long time Sirius XM satellite radio subscribers may have something more to worry about starting in spring. According to “ken.muise” at the Digital Radio Central forums you may have more expensive fees as well as some changes to the service they provide by springtime.

The person who is starting this rumor claims to be an employee of the Sirius XM Activations Department, if anyone would know these new policy changes it would be the activation department. The first rumor outlines that each additional radio added will costs $8.99, which is a $2 increase from standard pricing today. The second string of bad news is that online streaming will now cost you $2.99 for most packages rather than being entirely free. This service can also range up to $8.99 a month for the Mostly Music and family Pack.

Luckily for current subscribers you can “lock in” the current price you are paying for service as well as the free online streaming. It appears that Sirius is also feeling the economic crunch on such a level that raising prices is the only way to save them from such a fate that we have been seeing all over.

LINK:Sirius XM rumored to raise pricing by spring 2009 - SlashGear
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