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Why do you sappose the Nitro didnt speed up?

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Slow @$$ Nitro

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I'm a bit disappointed in my Nitro SLT 3.7. Yea I know "what do you expect from a 3.7" but i was hopping that it would pick up some more speed when I step on the pedal.

So this morning I'm driving to work and I was trying to merge over to the right lane. I look over my shoulder and theres a car there. so i gun it and the Nitro started roaring like a beast, All bark and no goddamn bite. It didn't go any faster than what it was already doing.

what kinda crap is this. well anyone else experience this? :mad:
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Well, don't know what to say about your situation.

Maybe it's a problem with the programming that controls the engine and transmission! Perhaps it needs some Flash update to correct the behavior.

My 3.7L (with 4-speed auto) does okay if the system operates properly. If the engine is revving, I have power. My problem is when the computer fails to recognize I'M the driver, and I need power right now, yet it insists on keeping the torque converter locked in. Grr.

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