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Why do you sappose the Nitro didnt speed up?

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Slow @$$ Nitro

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I'm a bit disappointed in my Nitro SLT 3.7. Yea I know "what do you expect from a 3.7" but i was hopping that it would pick up some more speed when I step on the pedal.

So this morning I'm driving to work and I was trying to merge over to the right lane. I look over my shoulder and theres a car there. so i gun it and the Nitro started roaring like a beast, All bark and no goddamn bite. It didn't go any faster than what it was already doing.

what kinda crap is this. well anyone else experience this? :mad:
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Well, if there was a "It's a 3.7L with a 42RLE trans" I'd vote...

When the 4-speed auto kicks down, the torque converter unlocks, and engine speed can rise to new (and both unwanted and unnecessary) heights. No real solution, it's the "nature of the beast", has been since they mated the first 3.7L and 42RLE back in 2004 (I had a Dakota with that combination, upgraded to the 4.7L and HD 5-speed in 2006). Best I've been able to do is go a little more than half-throttle; the torque converter unlocks and it stays in 4th gear. The acceleration is "leisurely", but better than none at all, and engine speeds stay within reasonable bounds.

You can disconnect the battery ground for 10 minutes to clear the PCM, then "drive it like ya stole it" to teach it new shift behavior, but that's of limited effect, the 42RLE has a preprogrammed shift schedule you're not going to alter significantly.
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