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Automatic High/Low Headlamps for 2009
September 03, 2008

Gentex Corporation (NASDAQ: GNTX), the leading supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors to the worldwide automotive industry, has announced that it is supplying exterior and interior auto-dimming mirrors with advanced electronic features for the 2009 Chrysler Town & Country minivan, which is sold in North America.

The 2009 minivan will offer Gentex's SmartBeam® Headlamp Assist technology as a stand-alone option. SmartBeam uses a custom, miniature, camera-on-a-chip manufactured by Gentex that is combined with algorithmic decision making to automatically turn a vehicle's high-beams on and off according to surrounding traffic conditions. The system is designed to maximize a vehicle's forward lighting and to eliminate the repetitive and sometimes burdensome task of turning the high beams on and off.

A base feature Gentex interior auto-dimming mirror is standard equipment on the Limited trim level and is available with a built-in microphone for the optional UConnect® Hands-Free Communication System on both the Touring and Limited versions.

An exterior driver's-side auto-dimming mirror with a side blind-zone indicator comes standard on the Limited and is available on the Touring trim level as part of a Security Group package. The side blind-zone indicator alerts drivers when a vehicle is traveling in their blind spot by using alternating radar beams (provided by a supplier designated by the auto manufacturer) to sweep adjacent lanes of traffic. The information is relayed to a module located in the driver's side mirror. The module illuminates a symbol displayed prominently in the mirror.

Gentex auto-dimming mirrors darken automatically in response to the headlamp glare of rearward-approaching vehicles.

"This is the first SmartBeam program for the minivan class of vehicles and we are pleased that Chrysler has recognized its value for drivers," said Gentex Senior Vice President Enoch Jen. "With interior and exterior auto-dimming mirrors, microphones, side blind-zone detection, as well as other additional safety and comfort features, the 2009 Town & Country offers the most current technology available today."

LINK:2009 Chrysler Loaded With Gentex Features
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