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Smokin Nitro!!

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I just recently bought a black slt nitro and the other day I was lazy and ran it through a touch free car wash and it started smoking very bad in the front. I told my man that it runs a little funny now wit a couple of misses and he said it's my imagination. It's my first brand new vehicle so I expect it to run perfect for a long time, I guess. Have you noticed that the radiator is low, directly in the front, and isn't covered? I only ran it through one time since I've had it because the bugs are bad in Louisiana, it was late one night, and I didn't want them to sit on the front of my truck overnight. I now just handwash it! Has anyone had this problem...I'm worried that If I have to go through flood water one day bc hurrican season is here, will it die on me or will this 2007 vehicle leave me stranded? Someone please reply!!!
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This is a normal problem that many owners have experienced. It is just steam from the water hitting the radiator. It shouldn't be anything to worry about, however if you are noticing running problems, then it might be something worth getting checked out.
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