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Smokin Nitro!!

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I just recently bought a black slt nitro and the other day I was lazy and ran it through a touch free car wash and it started smoking very bad in the front. I told my man that it runs a little funny now wit a couple of misses and he said it's my imagination. It's my first brand new vehicle so I expect it to run perfect for a long time, I guess. Have you noticed that the radiator is low, directly in the front, and isn't covered? I only ran it through one time since I've had it because the bugs are bad in Louisiana, it was late one night, and I didn't want them to sit on the front of my truck overnight. I now just handwash it! Has anyone had this problem...I'm worried that If I have to go through flood water one day bc hurrican season is here, will it die on me or will this 2007 vehicle leave me stranded? Someone please reply!!!
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if you even suspect any issues take it to the dealer before something bad happens.

my .02 cents
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