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Retail: Sony launched a new line of in-dash mobile audio receivers that offer SiriusXM satellite radio and Pandora internet radio connectivity in the car.
Sony first to bring in-car Pandora integration for Android and Blackberry

10 August 2011

Sony is expanding its mobile audio lineup with eight new in-dash CD receivers. The new models range from entry-level units to advanced receivers and digital media players that offer SiriusXM satellite radio and Pandora internet radio connectivity in the car.

Universal SiriusXM Satellite Connectivity

Four of the new models (CDX-GT565UP, CDX-GT660UP, CDX-360MP, CDX-GT56UI) feature SiriusXM compatibility, using the new SXV100 SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner Kit (sold separately, XM subscription required). The compact SiriusXM vehicle tuner has a simple connection, providing integration of SiriusXM in an inexpensive and easy-to-install package. The SiriusXM vehicle tuner also provides numerous new features including the ability for listeners to pause and rewind live SiriusXM satellite radio.

Sony offers SiriusXM capability, starting at only $90 SRP, on the CDX-360MP, CDX-GT56UI, CDX-GT565UP and CDX-GT660UP models. (Learn more here.)

Stream Pandora Wirelessly – From Any Device

Sony’s two newest Digital Media Players, the DSX-S210X and DSX-S310BTX models, feature an integrated Tune Tray to connect and control an MP3 player without unsightly and distracting wires, dual USB 1-wire inputs and an easy to read 4-line OEL display. Both also feature the SensMe application, to better organize playlists.

The Pandora integration on the DSX-S210X and the Bluetooth enabled DSX-S310BTX digital media players allows listeners to stream Pandora via the application on their smartphone, and transfers the Pandora-related controls to the head unit. Both models allow listeners to access their personalized Pandora stations and the ability to fine-tune the listening experience by offering thumb ratings directly on the receiver.

The DSX-S210X digital media player is iPhone compatible; the DSX-S310BTX is iPhone compatible and is also the first aftermarket product to offer Pandora integration with the Android and BlackBerry smartphone platforms.

Sony offers Pandora compatible receivers starting at only $130 SRP and up to $280 SRP on the CDX-GT565UP, CDX-GT660UP, DSX-S210X and DSX-S310BTX models. (Learn more here.)

Pricing and Availability

Each of the new in-dash models will be available in September, at the following suggested retail prices:

Within the new CDX lineup, the CDX-GT260MP, CDX-GT360MP, CDX-GT40U, CDX-GT56UI, CDX-GT565UP and CDX-GT660UP models have an SRP of $70, $90, $95, $100, $130 and $150, respectively.

The DSX-S210X model has an SRP of about $200 and the DSX-S310BTX model has an SRP of about $280.

Source: Sony Electronics.
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