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I know im new here, but im a member on a few dodge dakota forums. I dont own a nitro, but i am here to talk to you about a possible up coming dodge magazine.

The idea started out as just a dodge dakota magazine since there are no magazines that really support the world of dakotas. Well after some time people convinced me that doing just a dakota magazine wouldnt really get anywhere. So now i am doing a Dodge magazine, just for dodge and based on Dodge as a whole. This means it will cover, Dakotas, Durangos, Rams, Neons, Chargers, magnums, Vipers, nitros and what ever other dodge vehicle that is customized or not. The idea and possiblilty of there being a section for muscle cars and older dodge vehicles is there. For now im going to exclude chrysler vehicles and jeeps. Im going to try and stick with strictly dodge.

It will be like multiple magazines in one, and will have many diff features aside from just featured trucks.

Some of the things that will or could be in the mag are
  • Feature Vehicles
  • How To's
  • Parts of course
  • Events
  • Dirt and a street features for the trucks and suvs
  • Street features for cars
  • Home brew mod's, cheaper ways of doing certain mods, Junk yard mods, and Mpg loss's or increases per mod etc.
  • Real world builds and budgets
  • Building and tuning.
  • It will also feature a page or two for members with stock rides or rides that have been somewhat modded, thus giving more then just the "super modded vehicles" a shot at being in the mag
  • Time slips
    Possible Fold out centerfold with a model

And if you have any more ideas please let me know.

Over the next week i will be joining many dodge forums and advertising this idea to see what kind of feedback i can get and so far its been good so im hoping that it will be even better at other forums.

If this all comes together nicely the first mag will be and online issue only and will be free. I may however have people email me to get a copy so i can see what kind of response i can get and how many people are interested in it.

Now here is the fun part

I need a name for this magazine. It has to be something that encompasses all of dodge.

Two i had in mind are
Dodge World
Mopar Nation
OR a combo of the two

If you have one, throw it out there and I will make a poll in a week to see what people like most.


I need vehicles to feature and how to's and all the good stuff like i listed above.

If you would like your vehicle featured in the mag this is what i will need from you.

Name, Age, city and or state
Pictures of your vehicle
Mods that your vehicle has
Future Mods
A write up of your vehicle and how it came to be(This is a very important part) It can be as long as you want it to be, but please make it decent size. And what i mean by that is a nice paragraph or so, not a 3 sentence write up. I will do grammar and spelling checks myself.
Any other info you want to add. I.E, track times, awards won, anything you want.

If you would like to write a how to, or anything to do with mods no matter how big or small(anything from engine swap to how to add a K&N air filter), feel free to and send it to me. Make it as detailed as possible, provide pics also.

After the name of the mag is decided, I will create an email address based off of the name and at that point i will start taking peoples submissions. This will be between a week - 2 weeks from now.

Remember, this is a member based magazine, I will be putting it together and organizing it. The only way this mag will survive is from support from the members.

Any comments or suggestions, please post here or PM me. If you would like to help or be part of this, Please PM me

If you have any other sites in mind that you think this should be posted on let me know
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