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July 08, 2009 10:00 AM

Stolen Truck in Arkansas Recovered within 5 Minutes of Report to GPS AnyPlace Oregon Office

SAINT HELENS, Ore.-GPS AnyPlace reported today the recovery of a 2005 Ford Crew cab owned and operated by Redstone Construction located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The truck was parked out of sight of workers at a job site in Little Rock on July 7. Upon returning to the parked location it was discovered stolen at 6:25 PM CDT. The crew reported the truck stolen to Redstone Operations Manager, Troy Robertson at that time. GPS AnyPlace was notified at 6:26 PM CDT and located the truck parked in a private drive miles away from the construction site at 6:27 PM. Saline County Sheriff’s Office was notified and the truck was recovered within minutes.

Redstone has utilized the tracking and fleet management features of the small covertly installed tracking device from GPS AnyPlace for over three years. The device is mounted in their trucks, cars and construction equipment. GPS AnyPlace owner Gary Ryan states, “This is another of many success stories we have participated in over the last 16 years of being a GPS tracking and fleet management company. We have successfully recovered cars, semi-trucks, boats, construction equipment and even a truck full of $200,000 worth of tires in Detroit for Belle Tire and Battery.”

Troy Robertson, Operations Manager at Redstone states, “After reviewing and testing several GPS products, we chose this solution due to its consistent operation, 24/7 support and all of the features that directly affect our bottom line, such as reducing our equipment down-time. Monitoring speeds, excessive idle times, miles driven, perimeter violations, knowing closest vehicle to a pick up location as well as maintenance alerts, sold us on this system. What’s really cool is how I can access my fleet even from my home or anywhere in the world that I travel.”

GPS AnyPlace operates 4 high-speed servers located in Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida with automatic failover and redundancy to insure 99.9% uptime. Our network partner KORE TELEMATICS insures rapid connections to our devices using the GSM/GPRS networks. With rising fuel costs and increasing competition in the construction industry, coupled with an increase in theft, Redstone analyzed the benefits of a real-time tracking and fleet management solution to provide the necessary tools it needs to increase profitability and reduce maintenance costs and down times.

Ryan suggests the technology is beginning to be recognized as an affordable and viable resource with an actual return on investment. With the GSM/GPRS communication networks expanding rapidly with increasing capacity and reliability in operation, the deployment of mobile tracking devices is expanding with it. Increased coverage will mean seamless reporting from coast to coast with the efforts of network giants AT&T, T-Mobile and others.

Ryan adds: “It is amazing that I can locate a stolen truck 1600 miles away within 4 seconds from the time I get a report. Communication technology and the internet coupled with our flagship GPS product BigBrother makes this all possible.”

Redstone is a civil engineering and large construction company with millions of dollars worth of equipment specializing in concrete and asphalt construction projects throughout Arkansas and adjacent states.

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available: News | Business Wire
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