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ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Drivers of both sexes are buying smaller, less expensive and more fuel-efficient cars, and according to the latest Harris Interactive AutoTECHCAST study, they have unique preferences for the latest in automotive technology. There are significant differences by gender, according to the Harris study, regarding which innovations they will most likely consider during the purchase process.

The study reveals that men gravitate more toward performance, convenience and communication/sound options, while women indicate a stronger preference for comfort items. Both sexes show strong interest in new technology options that provide a heightened degree of personal safety.

“The most intriguing results from our study indicate that men and women have significantly different technology tastes and views of what features are the most appealing,” said Stephen A. Lovett, director of client development, Harris Interactive. “The fact is women have a great influence on vehicle purchases and they are more tech savvy than ever. The automakers need to take these views into consideration when designing their next-generation vehicles.”

“Despite the trend toward smaller vehicles, drivers still have high expectations when it comes to comfort, safety and performance. Having more technology in the car may be one important way that people can compensate for a reduction in auto size,” continued Lovett.

The Harris Interactive study shows significant differences in opinion regarding selected automotive innovations introduced in recent years:

MORE Here:Harris Interactive Study Shows Significant Differences in Vehicle Technology Tastes among Men and Women
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