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Suspension Lift??

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Has anyone considered putting a lift on their Nitro instead of going with giant chrome rims? I think this vehicle could be much more attractive with some sort of a lift and some large mud tires. It would at least give it a more agressive truck like stance...
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Good question. I'd be interested in hearing an answer as well.
It would look sweet lifted with some 33's. Also i have checked in to this my thought was ........well maybe the Jeep Liberty lift would work......... thinking that since the Nitro is based off of the Liberty the suspension would be the same. So after doing some research and comparing the two i figured out that the suspension parts on the Nitro are different from that of the Liberty.
Mmmmmm, but even a 1.5"-2" lift would do it some good.
I bet a 4x4 with a nice lift and mudders would look nice! Someone photochop us up something.
Photoshop indeed. Definately the 1.5-2" lift would look good. Go with some wide tires and rims and kick the tires outside the fender flares slightly. Photoshop someone ???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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