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More drivers swaping for short-term leases

Posted Thursday, Jun 18, 2009, 3:08 pm in Employee News

Car lease trading—a way for drivers to cut their auto lease payments—is becoming more popular in the midst of the current economic uncertainty, the Denver Post reported.

Cincinnati-based expects nationwide growth to be up 30 percent from last year, projecting 100,000 transactions for 2009, the Post said. Miami-based is projecting 60,000 nationwide lease transfers for 2009, up 24 percent from last year, the paper said.

John Sternal, vice president of marketing and communications for, said they have a waiting list of people interested in picking up short-term leases, the Post said. “In this economy, people are really hesitant to sign up for a long-term financial commitment,” he told the paper. (The Denver Post/Detroit News)
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