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We Drive Chrysler’s 2007 ConceptsNassau, Trailhawk, Demon and some other specials.
by Paul A. Eisenstein (2007-05-20)

Chrysler's recent crop of concept cars hasn't been approved for production-but that didn't stop the company from letting the press get their hands on them for a spin.

The automaker brought an assortment of show cars - a handful from each category - out on a warm spring afternoon, some just to sit and look pretty, but most for us to actually slip inside and drive down the tony waterfront in Grosse Pointe, Mich. The selection covered quite a range, from entry-level roadsters to high-line sedans, as well as a variety of Jeeps and trucks.

"We try to strike a balance," explains Joe Dehner, the new design vice president at Chrysler, between the pure fantasy cars, with their wild and fanciful shapes, and "the stuff that's more disciplined, with show car flair (tempered by) the potential to make it onto the showroom floor."

The Car Connection drove the latest Chrysler Concept Cars. Complet 4 page review and pictures! Check it out.............
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