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Test Drove Nitro SXT today 11/30/06

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All i can say is it was great damn nice and stylish car to drive. One that that makes me mad is that the Nitro does not come with a 6-speed in the SLT model :( I guess im going to have to live with driving an automatic...(never owned an automatic in my life) But the experience is unforgetable. driving the nitro made me feel classy compared to my SRT-4. Now that i hvae a family i would definetly buy the nitro its pretty spacious front and back. probably will buy it in the near future
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That was my only concern with the SLT. I dont mind the automatic now, but a 6 speed would have bene awesome!
The automatic is great though... it's the new gate style shifter. No more of the old fashion button handle on the NITRO AUTO!!! I only buy automatics for two reasons. In town comfort and resale ability (anyone can drive an auto) and fell in love with the gate shifters on first feel. High end imports have had them on their cars for quite awhile... and I see why!
I too would have loved an SLT or even an RT with a stick. I love the control that a stick gives over an automatic
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