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Dead battery is something that we have to deal with from time to time, and every time we're buying a new battery we want to get the most advanced and trouble-free model that will not let us down on a cold winter morning, or stuck anywhere on a parking lot.

As you know there are few battery types as wet battery, gel and AGM (short for absorbed glass mat), and the most advanced option out of the 3 is the AGM. These are fully sealed batteries that hold a charge up to 5 times longer than fluid batteries. AGM also features an ability to deep cycle. Some of the benefits of these batteries are slow self discharge rate, lack of corrosive gas and vibration resistance.

These batteries are often used on power-hungry cars that use a lot of power accessories.

One of the most famous battery manufacturer AcDelco releases an AGM type battery in a standard size for 2007-2011 Dodge Nitro.
Most of the models are available for pre-order and ship starting with August 1 2016.

ACDelco® 34AGM - Group 34 Professional AGM Heavy Duty 12V Battery

ACDelco is an official GM supplier, so the quality is on the highest level.
Please let me know if any questions appear!
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