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December 2007

Base price: $37,010
0-to-60-mph time: 4.8 sec
Quarter-mile time: 13.2 sec @ 109 mph

How does Dodge manage to put more than two tons ahead of such pedigreed track stars as the Evolution and 335i? Simple. Throw lots of cubic inches at it, 370 to be exact. With 6.1 liters of V-8 madness beneath that snorty hood, the Charger SRT8 sends 425 horses rearward for transformation into thrust or smoke—you decide. Driven for optimal speed, the Charger SRT8 hustles to 60 in 4.8 seconds and looks and sounds quick while doing it. Perhaps mindful of the car’s bruiser status, Dodge placed the traction control switch within finger-flicking range of the shift lever, should you want to scratch the burnout itch. Although this isn’t a “10 Fastest Sedans” contest, this car would make the list with an almost three-miles-per-minute, rpm-limited 173-mph top speed (ignore Chrysler’s claim of 165 mph).

2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 - Features - Car and Driver December 2007
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