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The Science of Lighting

September 19, 2016

It’s a world of mystery and wonder when it comes to off-road lighting. It’s something that can not only make you look like the next Shannon Campbell or Loren Healy, but can help you cut through the night if you choose correctly. However, with more and more fly-by-night companies popping up to sell you a lightbar “direct,” there are some things you need to consider before you purchase. That’s why we went to the experts over at Baja Designs to find out everything one needs to know about modern auxiliary lighting.

Moto Beginnings

In 1992, Alan Roach and product development engineer Stephen Mitchell were struggling to find a DOT-compliant lighting solution for their on- and off-road adventure bikes. Alan, being an engineer and enthusiast, created a halogen light system that would work with motorcycle electronics and ergonomics. This lighting upgrade quickly caught on and eventually rolled into the lighting company Baja Designs.

Working off of the adage, “with age comes a ‘cage,” many open desert bike riders transitioned to the trucks and buggies. One of the critical things they saw these four-wheeled vehicles lacking was lighting. Even though their bikes were smaller, their ability to see during the night was greater thanks to the lights Baja Designs created for them. These racers went back to Alan and the crew, asking them to create lights just as good as their motorcycle lighting for their trucks. They heeded the call and the four-wheel racer lights were created with the same technology and engineering, just with more room for more and bigger lights.

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