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The new Camaro is doomed.

Motorheads don't want to hear it; refuse to believe it - but ugly realities are coming down hard on the '09 Camaro that will very possibly cause GM to pull the plug before the first one ever rolls off the line.

Doubt that? Consider the stillborn rear-wheel-drive next generation Chevy Impala - nixed because of concerns within GM about the possibility of meeting the pending 35 mpg fuel economy edict recently passed by Congress. A lighter front-drive car with a V-6 instead of a V-8 can make the cut; a V-8 RWD Impala can't. So it's gone. So is the talked-about next generation GTO. And the future of the G8 sedan looks not so good. GM is openly talking about scaling back the entire Pontiac division - and ending its role as a performance brand.

No bull; not my opinion. Just facts.

More Here:Eric Peters :: Automotive :: News, reviews, & articles related to cars, trucks and motorcycles - There Will Be No 2009 Camaro
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