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Autoline Detroit - Automotive news, reviews, and auto industry analysis “"Lots of Luck"” (#1209)

This may be the most repeated phrase heard around U.S. dealerships this year, but the real trick could be deciphering its meaning. It could be anything from a true 'keep your chin up" remark of support to a salesperson's attempt at gallows humor.

With the economy in a slow down and predictions of U.S. vehicle sales dropping to levels we haven't seen in over a decade, automotive retailers are preparing for the worst. They've seen these sorts of dips before, but 2008 brings new challenges. From the manufacturers trying to find their collective footing, to brands being "e-bayed" around the world, to the simple reality of just too many dealers, as Mr. Dylan said back in the '60s "the times they are a-changin'." And for the auto industry, change they must.

Joining John McElroy on his panel to discuss retailing in the automotive world are three veterans who have seen it all before. Irma Elder of the Elder Automotive Group has a variety of dealerships -- many of them luxury brands -- located from Michigan to Florida. Carl Galeana is a longtime Dodge dealer with both Saturn and Kia. Meanwhile, Doug Fox, the new president of the Detroit Auto Dealers, is Mr. Import. His Ann Arbor Automotive Group carries Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hyundai with Kia and Acura thrown in for good measure.

So join us this week as Autoline looks at life on the front lines and lots of automotive retailing in America.

Interesting show. Check it out on your TV or "On-Line" See if you spot the two Nitros!
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