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Tiny cars fare poorly in collision testing

Posted Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009, 12:36 pm in Employee News

Micro cars can give motorists top-notch fuel efficiency at a competitive price, but the insurance industry says they don’t fare too well in collisions with larger vehicles, according to an Associated Press story.

In crash test results to be released today, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that drivers of 2009 versions of the Smart Fortwo, Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris could face significant leg and head injuries in severe front-end crashes with larger, mid-size vehicles, the story said.

Automakers who manufacture the small cars said the tests simulated a high-speed crash that rarely happens on the road, the AP reported. They also said the tests rehashed past insurance industry arguments against tougher fuel efficiency requirements, the story said. (Associated Press/Detroit Free Press)
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