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I have a Euro spec Dodge Nitro RT 4.0 -2007 which is having major problems. I have been reading different sites and my conclusion is that the TIPM probably is failing. But I would be happy to get a second opinion and also some ideas how to solve this the best way. In my country there is not many Chrysler dealerships left, and the few I have found is too far away and they also did not know about any TIPM in the Dodge.

This is how my car behaves:
CEL with codes for both post cat O2 sensors, replaced them but no change, engine hesitating or running rough.
The engine has shut off a few times when turning to the right. No problem restarting it.
Sometimes all the warning lights in the instrument cluster comes on, at the same time the windscreen wipers start, the fan and radio dies. At first the car only did this when turning to the right or going over a bump. Now it happens almost all the time. But if I press the brake pedal hard it will go back to normal, and when releasing the brake the lights come on again.

One thing I found so strange is that if I open the driver door window by just an inch the car will behave normally again, and the problems will not come back (except the CEL which is lit all the time)! But as soon as I close the window all the problems comes back until I open the window a little bit again. :surprise:

I have removed the TIPM and cleaned the connections and looked for broken wires nearby and also inside the car. And left the battery disconnected overnight.

Is there any possibility that another component then the TIPM is failing? Like the steering wheel module? I have read on a TIPM rebuilder company site that if a component in the car is turning on by itself (windscreen wipers) it is not a TIPM problem, is that true?

If I buy a used TIPM with the same part number from a Dodge Nitro, but from different year and with different engine, will it work in my car without reprogramming at the dealership? How about a rebuilt one, would that be plug and play? Maybe the best would be to sent my own for repair, but sending stuff from Europe to USA will probably cause problems with added taxes etc.

Sorry for my long post! But English is not my main language. :smile2: I would be very grateful for any help! :smile2:

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Sounds like you are well informed and if you were in the US with your Nitro I might suggest going to a Chrysler Dealership. Not a good ideal usually outside. For your info 2007 Dodge Nitro in the US (some 2008) had a recall on their TIPMs. I lucked out and received a new one for my 2007 on a recall on wipers that did not work out.

I think I would go the rebuilt TIPM route since what I have read you don't need a trip to a Dealership (plug & play). The only issue is can they supply one and program it for a non-US model? You need to find that out. All other options would require a trip to a Dealership that might put you in worse shape that you are now and would be really expensive I expect!

Guess you have seen our Discussion Thread here.

No member has reported back about using a rebuilt TIPM so I can only say it looks like the best option to me. Good Luck and let us know how it all works out for you......
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