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Nissan launches tire pressure inflation helper


Nissan is moving to a new tire pressure inflation system on its 2013 vehicles that will help drivers inflating their tires know when the correct pressure is reached by automatically honking the horn.

So drivers won’t have to hunt around in the owner’s manual or on the door jam for the correct pressure, or continually stop to check pressure with a tire gauge.

Unlike some current tire pressure monitoring systems, Nissan’s new system will display air pressures for individual tires, indicating which need air.

It may not be a system for the easily spooked. Once the driver stops at a station and starts inflating the tire, Nissan’s ‘Easy Fill Tire Alert’ system will start the four-way flashers to indicate that it is receiving air. The horn will then honk once the correct pressure is sensed.

Should the driver put in too much air, the four-ways flash in fast-forward mode and the horn sounds three times. Assuming one understands Nissan Easy-Fill-ese, and therefore lets out the excess air, another single horn beep will confirm the arrival of the correct pressure.

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