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to Sunroof, or not to Sunroof ?? That is the question.

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So, a base SLT sells for $29,890 in Canada (according to the website). At this price, it is a nicely equipped vehicle. Adding the power sunroof ups the price by $1050.

My question is thus:

Would I expect that the sunroof option adds $1050 of vehicular enjoyment ? I currently do not have a sunroof in my GMC Safari van, I do have one in the Volvo - but only use it in the summer to provide air circulation....tilt the front down and raise the rear lip. When contemplating buying a Nitro, (a) is the sunroof an essential element, and if not (b) are there other choices for options which enhance the joy of ownership beyond that which the sunroof might provide, or is there sufficient joy in simple SLT ownership ?

Additional info:

I can live without MyGig and a DVD system thanks to the 20 Gb Archos device I use as an mp3 player and the laptop with DVD player which travels well and would run off the 110v outlet.

I don't own a travel trailer, and never will. We've discovered cruising, which beats the campsites hands down. My utility trailer won't ever exceed 3500 pounds, which is the towing capacity of the nitro without the trailer package (but I might add it to get the hitch and wiring harness).

Honestly, the 4x4 on-demand is not necessary either. We rarely get snow here in Victoria (ok, so this year has been an exception), and I'm not taking this truck out into the mountains to wrangle home a moose. But...I like the SLT trim (seats, leather wrapped wheel, color matched fender flares, etc), so I'm willing to pay. We'd have to get an automatic transmission anyway...the Mrs doesn't like to drive manual, and I don't like to replace clutches when she does.

I don't want chrome wheels and 20" tires, someone's just going to steal them or they'll get mashed into curbs. 20" wheels and tires are 3" more expensive than 17" wheels and tires to replace.

Running boards seem interesting, if -- if they provide protection for the paint.

Full size spare seems to be a logical investment, as does the alarm system (although, with the immobilizer in the key - right ?? - is this overkill ?).

Thanks all who care to share opinions...!!

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Ive got my SLT on order. I didn't think the sunroof would be used much here in Texas and my other vehicle is a Wrangler with a bikini top so If I want fresh air, I'll drive it :)

Here's my build:


2007 NITRO SLT 4X2 F Pkg.


Primary: Sunburst Orange Pearl Coat

Interior: Dark Khaki/Medium Khaki


P235/65R17 BSW All Season Performance Tires

17" x 7.0" Aluminum Wheels

8 Amplified Speakers Plus Subwoofer

MyGIG(TM) Multimedia Infotainment System

Rear Seat Video System

UConnect® Hands-Free Communication

Deep Tint Sunscreen Glass

Air Conditioning

Full-Size Spare Tire

Security Alarm

SIRIUS® Satellite Radio

Premium Front and Rear Floor Mats

Speed Control

Gray Running Boards
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I'm just south of you a bit in Spokane, Craigster. And I'd venture to say that the sunroof is just as important as the stereo. Tunes & fresh air are what the driving experience is all about. And 4wd is even more important for getting the family around in the snow, towing a boat up a slimy boat ramp, or taking the quads to the ORV park that is down a muddy or snowy road.

I've lived in the Seattle - Spokane area for over 20 yrs & would have to say it's not just this year, but about every 2 or 3 years that winters get ugly. Maybe Victoria is that much nicer. Or maybe it just depends on what you'd like out of your vehicle.
I live in michigan summer is short so i want to enjoy as much of it as i can!!
I have 2 convertibles for crusin in the summer
I love the open air feel so i definately ordered a sunroof on the R/T (want that open air feel on the daily buggy too)
But this is just my opinion
We chose the sunroof when ordering my wife's nitro. I have one in my Liberty, and enjoy the fact you can put it all the way back and enjoy the open air. plus I think it brightens up the interior on sunny days. Plus it has the slider underneath so you can block out the sunlight if you want to. I think the positioning on the sunroof in the nitro is better than what I have in my Liberty because it seems a little further in front of you in the Nitro (also having an inch less headroom in the nitro might also make a difference.
Rafter said:
Here's my build:


2007 NITRO SLT 4X2 F Pkg.

A 2 wheel drive SLT ??? Really ??? I didn't think such a creature existed. Tell me more...

Agree; Don't need
20" wheels
Disagree;Do need
Running boards
Full size spare
Can't help;Sunroof
I didn't but thats me & you are you so your choice.
craigster said:
A 2 wheel drive SLT ??? Really ??? I didn't think such a creature existed. Tell me more...

More about what? The SLT I ordered is the 'F' package and is 2 wheel drive.
Rafter said:
More about what? The SLT I ordered is the 'F' package and is 2 wheel drive.
By chance are you in Canada ?? I didn't think the 4x2 SLT was available (yet, if ever) in Canada.

And....what does the "F" package mean ?

I've always gotten the sunroof but one day I noticed I never use the sunroof and actually always keep it's interior cover shut. So I didn't get the sunroof this time. If it had been on the exact Nitro I was looking at I wouldn't have been against it. I just knew I didn't need to have it.
It's funny how you think you'll like something and then when you have it all the time you see you could've gone another way an been just as happy if not happier.
I had the same thing with my 05 mustang convertible. Had to have a convertible. Coup wouldn't do. Then I realized over 90% of the time the top is up and you can't see squat out of that little tiny convertible rear window. No rear side windows to see anything either and on top of everything the rear spoiler takes up the bottom 20% of the little rear window you have.
See I would've actually liked the coup better.
Sunroofs nice and you can cover it up... but definately not a necessity.
sun roof to get or not to get.

Well after discussing back and forth wether or not to get one. Getting one was nice we live in vancouver. There are days it is nice to have the sun roof some extra light and fresh air is nice to have. You know sometimes when you are driving you see someone with with a convertable and think that would be nice to have on a day like today.
You can have that feeling when you want to, if not ther is a door that slides on the inside of the cabin so your roof looks just like any other interior when you are sitting inside.
I have found that it also can save on your mileage by not having to use the ac as much.
It is nice to have the option.
Hope this helps you make up your mind.
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