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Toyota boosts Prius output as Japanese orders rise

Posted Tuesday, Jun 9, 2009, 10:50 am in Employee News

Japanese factories making the third-generation Toyota Prius are humming at near full capacity to meet booming demand for the hybrid car, Automotive News reported.

Four lines at Toyota’s Tsutsumi plant and a factory belonging to affiliate Toyota Auto Body Co. are churning out 50,000 cars a month, a pace 50 percent faster than Toyota’s sales target, the trade paper said. At Tsutsumi, overtime is back, and the company is bringing in workers from other factories to boost output, the story said. Tsutsumi accounts for two-thirds of total Prius production.

Tsutsumi is making a Prius every 66 seconds on one line and every 57 seconds on a second line, the publication said. The reason for the surge in production is that Toyota is trying to meet about 140,000 orders in Japan alone, the story said. (Automotive News)
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