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Toyota opens new Corolla factory
June 25th, 2010

Toyota is set to open a new plant in Mississippi, which will take on work that would have been done by the NUMMI plant in California. Toyota shut down the plant shortly after receiving General Motors’ ownership stake in it, and defaulted on the pensions, which are instead being covered by American taxpayers.

The new plant will build Corollas, using 2,000 employees who will technically be working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi (TMMMS). Toyota operates factories under independent companies to allow for transfer of pension obligations to the American government, and to claim that Toyota has not shut down any plants.

Opening the plant will once again allow Toyota to claim that “nearly all” Corollas for North America will be locally built; once NUMMI was closed in April, Japanese factories built many Corollas for North America.

American taxpayers provided $300 million in subsidies for Toyota to bankrupt NUMMI and move production to the new plant in Mississippi.

LINK: Toyota opens new Corolla factory | Allpar Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep News
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