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Toyota Tundra Recall Expands

Posted: Mar. 10, 2010

The Associated Press reports, "Toyota says it will expand a recall announced last year to fix Tundra pickup trucks with frames that could rust."

USA Today adds, "Toyota is going to expand its recall of the 2000 to 2003 Tundra pickup to include the entire country -- not just 20 cold-weather states." says, "Owners of Tundras originally sold or currently registered in the remaining 30 states will be notified by Toyota in the coming weeks. In the original recall, corrosion could lead to spare tires falling from the vehicle’s underside, as well as excessive corrosion affecting brake lines and fuel tank straps."

The Detroit News points out that the Tundra has been an expensive and problematic model for Toyota. "Toyota spent more than a decade edging into the market with two smaller pickups before the 2007 Tundra, only to have its self-proclaimed most important vehicle ever for the U.S. run headlong into stronger competitors, a stumbling economy, a market shift away from pickups and now the company's own quality problems." The News adds, "With around $6 billion spent on the Tundra and more than 8 million vehicles now recalled for a variety of defects, it's worth asking whether Toyota's big pickup was a considered strategic move or a costly detour."

If you own Tundra and have questions about the recall, contact Toyota at 1-800-331-4331.

LINK: Toyota Tundra Recall Expands - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews
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