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Was going to the store today to pick up some forgotten items for Easter dinner. As I was trying to accelerate the traction control light started flashing, and lost power on acceleration. I was not driving very fast or hard, just normal driving down a residential street and the roads were dry. I pulled over, put it in park, and gave it a few revs to see if it was the motor missing or bogging down. It revs fine in park. Took off again and as soon as it shifted into second gear, it happened again.

So I decided to turn around by going around the block at the next intersection. As soon as I made the turn, the vehicle would hardly accelerate at all. Let off the gas and tried again. As long as I was barely pushing on the gas pedal, it would start to accelerate, but still flashing the traction control light and bogging the motor down.

Has anyone came across this before? I am not getting a check engine light, and everything else seems to function as normal.

Things I noticed a while back were that the headlights would flicker when driving at night and the traction control would kick on. The other, which I thought might have been normal, was then when turning a corner and getting back on the gas, it felt like a dead spot in the pedal. But after what happened today when turning, it seems to act similar, only much worse this time.

I plan to call tomorrow and see if the local dealership can get it in. I am not a big fan of the local dealership, but don't want to risk the trip to the other dealership 45 minutes away.

Would a bad speed sensor cause this issue, or would this be something more and possibly in the traction control module/ecu?


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