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very unhappy

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I purchased my nitro in early december. I have only bought fords prior, however really liked the nitro and my husband and I gave it a try. While I like the vehicle, I have had a few problems...

1. for the first month, the u-connect only spoke french, and no matter what I did despite what the owner's manual told me, I could not make it speak english. The dealership was no help until I became so frustrated, I began calling several times a day. Finally, after a month, the dealership was able to figure it out.

2. After owning only a month and a half, my truck was struck by a snow plow, while parked. The entire side is dented and the window was smashed. The dealership has had it over a week, and potentially I am told it may not be able to be fixed for 6 months, as the parts are "nationally back ordered." I am extremely frustrated, as I am making decent sized monthly payments for a new truck, that I may have to drive "smashed up" because they are not able to fix their own product.

I realize that this is just probably just a bunch of bad luck on my part, however it is clearly making ford out to be the superior company. I just don't know what to do....any ideas? I don't want to be driving a crappy looking car, that I happen to be paying a lot for....
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Just a thought. Tell the guy who hit you to fix it or replace it.
Just about every new vehicle has backorder problems with parts
I had a friend that purchased a new mustang when the new design came out, he put the passanger window down and it shattered for some reason(installed incorrectly), it took the dealership 1 month to get new glass for it. Just the nature of a new design as the majority of parts go to the plant
So does that make ford a not superior company?
It sounds like a lot of your problems are with the dealership, not so much with chrysler. That doesn't make it better; dealerships, while they are their own entity, do become the face of chrysler to the customer; but you might want to try a different dealership and see if they car raise a bit of stink to get the parts necessary.
I feel your pain. I don't think anyone will disagree that your dealership should have given you immediate help on the u-connect problem. It is a big sale for them and a brand new vehicle for Christ sake. I've also found Dodge customer service to be very iffy.
On the damage... I assume the car must be somehow driveable??? If not I would think someone's insurance would be paying to rent you another Nitro or a comparable vehicle.
I'm going to go both ways on this one because I think it's fair to do so and I'm going to say this wanting you to know I really, really like my new Nitro. However I have come to the exact same conclusion on Ford customer service. I don't know where they send their people but everybody should go because they are by far the best American car company in regard to customer service. That said though they unfortunately didn't come up with the Nitro and even if they had I'll have to agree with warriorbob that a brand new model is usually a little behind in the extra parts catagory (I also have an 05 Mustang first year body style).
You have a right to be upset. I get upset over a scratch... LoL! Hang in there though. At the end of the day you'll be back up and running in what I truly believe is a quality product. We're with ya...
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