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Viper Gets Keyed like Hell, Damage Worth $34,000

8th May 2015

Sometimes, I wish the Neuralyzer memory eraser device from Men in Black was available, so we could use it on myself. It would also come in handy for you folks, as I suppose unseeing the images below would be quite a favor. This is what happens when a Viper gets keyed in a way that pretty much redefines the term.

I am talking about a fifth-generation Viper that was subjected to some serious torture, with the car’s body now easily passing for any driver’s nightmare. From a fish to random messages, this keying job is the worst I’ve seen so far, and I’m not saying that just because the scratches happened to fall onto a Viper.

This is the result of one awful night back in March when the SRT machine was subjected to what was probably a screwdriver attack, as explained by the owner. Such deep marks couldn’t have been the result of a key action, and the biggest issue is that things have gone beyond the paint/primer, with the body panels being affected. Remember, we are also talking about carbon panels here.

As a result, the insurance told the owner this is a $34,000 (EUR30,000) job. In fact, we have a detailed list:

Headlights $1,285 each
Hood $10,760
Grills $607
Rocker Panel $4,295
Door $2,785
Fuel Filler Cap and Bracket $441
Carbon Elements $10,000

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. Whoever did this also ripped the fuel filler cap apart and tried to fill the tank with urine, thankfully a failed attempt.

The car belongs to a member of the Viper Club of America Forums, who explained the odd conditions surrounding the incident. The Viper was parked at the guy’s hangar, at the Palm Beach International Airport, which happens to be right next to the Sheriff’s Hangar.

A Corvette ZR1 was parked right next to the Viper, but there were no scratches on it. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department believes this was a gang’s hand, but they are far from having come up with a solution so far.

The owner said he paid about $115,000 for his pride and joy and with used Gen. V Viper now selling for between $75,000 and $100,000, you can imagine how serious this operation is.

Even after the Viper will be fixed, the sheer idea of driving around in a car that’s still super-fresh, but has gone through such a complex body repair process, is enough to ruin one’s mood. Yours truly has gone through a somewhat similar experience two years ago, which doubles the empathy for this guy and his Viper. Now where was that Neuralyzer?
LINK w/ pictures!

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This is a very common problem, honestly. My Viper last year would have cost me 28,000 us dollars and it would have been hell for my wallet if I had fixed it then. Fortunately, my friend sent me a great idea in time and recommended me to sell this problem car. So I did, and now I don't regret it at all. I was lucky to find a good online store that quickly found a great customer. If you are also tired of the whims of your car, just visit site and make a smart decision. This car is a real hell, it is better to buy a Challenger and be the happy owner of a charming car
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