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Volkswagen has ordered dealers in the U.S. and Canada to suspend sales of some 2015 Golf and GTI models. According to AutoNews, the stop-sale stems from a problem with the front stabilizer links, which could make it difficult for a driver to control the car.

The flaw affects 2,447 vehicles, 2,001 of which are located in the U.S. Of that number, 705 are still at U.S. dealerships, and 108 are on sales floors in Canada. It's unclear where the remaining 1,634 units might be, though a VW spokesperson confirms that at least some of them have been sold. Since the Golf doesn't officially go on sale until August, the flawed VWs already roaming the roads ought to be GTIs.

The problem with the links in the Golf and GTI is that they were installed with too little torque. Over time, the links can loosen, which will at first cause a good bit of noise. In some cases, the links might separate from the vehicle altogether, making the VW significantly harder to steer and increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Volkswagen says that the problem only affects select Golf and GTI units, suggesting that the issue may be limited to vehicles manufactured on certain dates (though the automaker hasn't confirmed which dates those might be). VW also says that its own staff discovered the flaw and that no problems have been reported by owners.

If you own one of the affected GTI models, expect a notice from Volkswagen soon. You might also call the company's customer service line at (800) 822-8987.
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