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We blogged abut this some time ago, but more recent news out of Detroit would tend to confirm what’s been suspected for awhile: Namely, that the days of some Chrysler 4x4s may soon be numbered. Chrysler VP for North American Sales Steven Landry spoke on the subject to some students at Northwood University the other day, and according to the Detroit Free Press, this is what he said:

“What we'll do in our business model is not build similar vehicles on the same platform that kind of look and act like they have the same DNA. To give you an example: Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro, basically a similar vehicle with different skin and a little bit of different interior; Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango, same platform; Sebring, Avenger, same platform. We're not going to have vehicles like that. We're not going to have twin vehicles, one for one brand and one for another.”

All we can say is, amen to that. The way we see it, it’ll strengthen all three Chrysler brands, and make the vehicles that do remain in the product line that much more valuable in the eyes of consumers and enthusiasts alike. Some of us will miss these ‘utes more than others (our Senior Editor is inconsolable when he thinks of losing the Nitro; our Tech Editor bemoans the impending death of the Compass), but we’ll get over it. After grieving comes closure, after all—and perhaps, with future cost savings, enough money in Chrysler’s budget to invest in a diesel-powered Wrangler? Cloud, meet silver lining.

LINK:Chrysler to Slim Down its SUV Line | Editorials Blog & Opinions at Four Wheeler Magazine
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