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Washington update: Time for action

Posted Monday, Nov 17, 2008 at 3:30 pm in Company News

Congress has returned to Washington, D.C. this week to consider legislation providing temporary financial assistance to domestic automakers. Bob Nardelli, many of our top executives and Ron Gettelfinger are in Washington at this critical time to press our industry’s case. Bob and the CEOs of GM and Ford are scheduled to testify in the House and Senate tomorrow and Wednesday. We will share with you Bob’s comments to Congress after he’s testified.

Also in Washington this week is a group of our dealers who are voicing their support and discussing their concerns about the impact of the global financial and liquidity crisis in their communities across the country. Thirty-three dealers representing 25 states are making Capitol Hill visits to key Republican and Democratic members of Congress, as well as to the Bush administration. The group consists of the 18-member National Dealer Council, as well as 15 additional dealers who have requested to participate. Three Chrysler dealers held a media roundtable today to discuss the dealers’ efforts to have their voices heard in Washington. Visit The Scoop for more on this media roundtable.

Please join this important effort at this critical time. Let your elected members in Congress hear from you on this matter as soon as possible. Please contact your U.S. House and Senate members in Congress and urge them to take action. Given emergency conditions that exist right now in the capital markets, manufacturers and auto finance companies can’t get access to the credit we need to survive. If we can’t get credit, our customers cannot purchase the cars and trucks we build. It’s really that simple and that important.

Sample letters and background information, as well as contact information for your members of Congress, can be found on Chrysler Portal Page.

Thank you for your support for the domestic auto industry and Chrysler’s future!
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