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What do you think? (wheels)

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22" X 9.5" With 265/35/22


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Re: What do you think??????

A little to "pimp my ride" for me, but if you like them go for it.
Thats why we mod these things to show our each individual likes.:)
Re: What do you think??????

I would go with the 20 but the 22 are cheaper because the tire size is harder to find with more options for the 22 it makes the tire cheeper...

Same as my charger
Re: What do you think??????

I like them. looks thuggin!
Re: What do you think??????

After we got my Nitro, the dealership got one in. They ended up putting a wicked set of Martin Bro's rims on a SXT. Now granted there isnt much to this SXT except the sunroof. Its all black. Too bad they didnt put them on mine :( I would love a set of Martin Bro's rims. I think these are the rims (the angle of the photo makes it hard to tell)
Well I cant post an URL so ya have to do a search for Martin Bros Alloys. The rims are on the ford explorer (bottom right grey suv)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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