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I have been busy lately so thought I would post up some of the modifications/changes I have done so far.

Close inspection revealed the following:
I found a Bluespark CR Tech Multimap (5 settings) Diesel Tuning Box fitted - happy days.
Checked the setting (B) and changed to D (more power and torque) - definitely feel the difference when I put my foot down.
I also noticed that the Side Lights (LED) and Headlight bulbs had been changed.

When I bought the Nitro I noticed that there were odd tyres on the front and that the rear tyres were getting low, so first job was to get some new tyres.
I went with a set of 255/50/20 Nexen Roadian HP 109V XL (C; B; 75db) from EARS Motorsport.
Went to change the tyres only to find that the lug nuts were so f**king tight that the original locking wheel nut extractor broke :mad:
So bought a set of Heyner Wheel Locking Nuts before returning to get the tyres done - all sorted now and nuts torqued up correctly.

Next job was the front brakes - I had a massive vibration one day (thought it was a puncture but the TPMS didn't kick in) and found that one of the front callipers was binding.
So I bought a Front Piston Brake Calliper Repair Kit.
I decided to get 2 kits and do both sides (if one has gone it wont be long before the other goes so best sort it out now).
At the same time I also decided to do the front discs and pads.
So replaced them with a set of Blueprint Front Discs and Delphi Brake Pads.

Next I decided to do some aesthetics:
  • Xenon White 8 SMD LED [Canbus Free] Number Plate Bulbs (Code: 501).
  • Chrome Indicator Bulbs (Code: 3157).
    Note: I had to shave off one side of the locating plastic lugs as they were opposite each other as opposed to the originals being offset.
    Note: I had to remove the airbox to get to one side :rolleyes:
  • Chrome Side Indicator Bulbs (Code: 501a).
  • LED 6000K Fog Light Bulbs (Code: H10).
    When I inspected the fog lights I noticed that one of the lens was cracked (stone chip) - decided to buy a new set of Clear Front Fog Lights (awaiting arrival). So, when they arrive, I'll fit the fog light bulbs at the same time as the fog lights.
  • Chrome Licence/Number Plate Holders.
    (At the same time, I got my Personalised number plate transferred and fitted).
  • Chrome Taillight Surround/Guard.
  • Chrome Door Handle Covers.
When trying to clean and polish the roof I couldn't reach properly (despite being 6' 2").
So looked around and decided to go with a set of chunky 4.5" Stainless Steel Side Bars from Direct4x4.

Looking at the front of the Nitro, I didn't like the gapping hole at the bottom - I could visualise a stone piercing the rad.
So I have ordered a Chrome Billet Lower Grille - can't wait for this to arrive from the USA, looks like a really nice piece of kit.

Next up the interior...
I've purchased a complete LED Interior Light Kit.
I also got a set of deep tray mats - problem is that they are a universal type that you cut to fit - well there is no way, even with cutting them, that they will fit :( So they'll be sold and a new tailored set of rubber mats purchased.

Only picture I have atm:

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Thanks for the UPDATE and great pictures! I know you are not done yet so keep us informed on what is next. At one time I added up 22 modifications to mine but that number has now increased and I have lost count.

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Nice. I'm not really a fan of too much chromes but your Nitro looks good. May I know the cost of those Mopar mud flaps?
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