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When are they hitting dealers?

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Very interesting SUV -- love the look. When are they hitting dealer lots?
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Here in Vancouver area we will see them in about two or three weeks. I have some showing on the assembly line now. You guys in the US always get them before I do. The West Coast of Canada is usually last in North America to get significant inventory of any new models....
My local dealer called me to say they received an SE in St-Eustache Qc and SXT in Laval.
Dealers in my area north of Chicago have atleast one on there lots. I got to finally see one in person since the auto show, such a relief...:D
Here in Naples one was sold already and another is coming in this next week.
Not many have hit the streets so far.
It's almost like buying a Lamborghini, they produce one a time hand crafted.
they keep pushing back the ship date on my Black SLT far, it's gone from 9/22 to 10/3. i've already sold my isuzu vehicross, so now i have to rent a car until the nitro arrives. the SLT will take care of me until the R/T arrives. then the R/T will take care of me until the SRT6 is announced (fingers crossed). wish i could get my hands on one of those two limited edition's that dodge produced for SEMA...
My loaded SXT is in today. I just got called and picking it up today at 5pm. I'm probally going to put 300 miles on it tomorrow.
just bought mine saturday . it showed up on the lot last tuesday

What model, color and options if any did you get? Where are you located?

ddnikon said:

What model, color and options if any did you get? Where are you located?

its silver sxt auto, and some b package aluminum wheels and guess thats it . im in Illinois right across the river from St Louis . my wife is out driving it right now and the window sticker is in it .
How's the ride? Did you order it or was it on the lot? If you ordered it, long long before you received the SXT? Sorry for all the questions, but my dealer hasn't received even 1 to look at yet. I'm just west of Philadelphia, in KIng of Prussia, PA.

the ride is nice a little to soft for me but i think its the girlie car tires they put on um. it was on the lot i wasent even looking for one but my wife saw it and had to have it . i did a search of dealers today the have 5 in the area. 2 red 2 white and a kahki
Has anyone gotten an SLT yet? If not, does anyone know when they are coming in?
IF an SRT version comes out, and that's a BIG 'if' considering some of the things that are happening at DCX, it would likely not be until year two... keep those fingers crossed ;)
I`m looking for a Nitro SLT in black for export to Switzerland because I don`t want wait til mid next year to get it in Europe. Does anybody knows interested dealers at the east coast with expirience in export business ?

My dealer just got 3 in. Eastern, PA.

Are they going for MSRP?
Hampi: I`m looking for a Nitro SLT in black for export to Switzerland
I'm trying to do the same. Check out in Halifax, Canada. I've got in touch with them and was told that they would be able to ship a Nitro directly to Basel for me to pick up. Still waiting for a quote from them, though.

How do you think the Nitro would do in the noise test that has to be passed first, before it can be registered in Switzerland?

I heard nothing on mine.
We deal with a specialized cie, made to order. We just tell them where we want it delivered. They figure 10 weeks from order date. But there is a chance there is one just like you want on a lot somewhere.
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