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Hey how's it going everyone. My name is Kourosh Pourkazemi and recently have been working at a Dodge Dealership, Power Dodge in Santa Clarita (Valencia).

So I heard talk about the Nitro and everyone here at work has been talking about them and when it finally arrived at our dealership we were all like...WOW! Car looks great! Honestly I was thinking about getting one myself (Wish the made a v8 Nitro).

I was just wondering if there's anybody here in California who is interested in purchasing the Nitro? Because I will honestly do my best to get you the greatest price possibly and beating other dealerships. We have about 6 in stock at this time and are expecting more. I can also get any color you'd like.

So please if you could I would appreciate it if you would contact me to give you the best service and getting you into your car.

-KP (661) 993-7620
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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