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This is Why Car Thieves Wants Your Escalade

Posted: Nov 01, 2010
When it topped the list of most stolen vehicles compiled by the Highway Data Loss Institute, many just assumed that the Cadillac Escalade was a favorite among car thieves for its good looks. Turns out, that’s not the entire story.

Jalopnik writes, “Like most new cars, GM has attempted to reduce thefts by using security codes on their keys, making it nearly impossible to hot-wire the car. The problem appears to be that in doing so, GM left out a few other measures.”

To steal an Escalade (and other large GM SUVs, like the Tahoe and Yukon), thieves “break a window and crawl into the drivers seat. Then, the thieves force the gear lever out of park so the SUV can be pushed. Our expert says that's a security flaw. Another problem pointed out by our expert: some Escalades have no steering wheel lock, so if you can push it, you can steer it,” says Detroit’s WXYZ.

Pushing the Escalade to a concealed place and stripping it, says Jalopnik, “can take less than 20 minutes.”

GM has responded to the security flaws. WXYZ writes “In 2010, GM put laminated glass in the side windows to slow the thieves down and they put locks back on the steering columns, but it hasn't solved the problem.” The major reason the new measures haven’t worked is that the steering lock is weak and easy for thieves to break.

If you’ve have an Escalade, Tahoe or Yukon, it might be smart to invest in some after-market security systems. And, be careful where you park it.
LINK: This is Why Car Thieves Wants Your Escalade - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews
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