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Chrysler to fit internet as standard
15 July 2008

Wi-Fi to be fitted in UK model range next year

Chrysler plans to introduce Wi-Fi internet access into its UK model range by the end of next year.

Available in the States next month, the technology will allow passengers to surf the web while on the road.

BMW has said it has similar plans for 2010 and other manufacturers are considering the system as well.

The Wi-Fi connection radius in Chryslers will be 100 feet, allowing access to those just outside the car as well.

Sterling Pratz, CEO of San Francisco-based Autonet Mobile, the company that developed the technology for Chrysler, said: “The Internet is the future of in-car entertainment.

“We’re delighted to be working with Chrysler to deliver the first Wi-Fi internet access that lets families, business and leisure travelers stay connected.”

Pratz disregarded concerns about safety and whether drivers may disregard warnings that use is for passengers only.

LINK:Chrysler to fit internet as standard
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