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October 21, 2008

The smog police have finally caught up with motorcycles - until recently, the last bastion of relatively unregulated internal combustion.

The Environmental Protection Agency has come down hard on bikes during the past couple of years; beginning with the 2006 models, all motorcycle manufacturers had to reduce the evaporative and nitrogen oxide emissions of their machines bikes by 60 percent. That meant the end of carburetors, catalytic converters across the board - and the rise of modern engine management systems.

Which in turn has made new bikes not only more expensive but increasingly, beyond the ability of the average owner to service (beyond basic maintenance).

Just like modern cars.

True, smog equipment has been installed on motorcycles for years. But the gear involved until quite recently was minimalist and and easily defeated in comparison to what new cars have been fitted with since the 1980s.

Complete Article Link:
Eric Peters :: Automotive :: News, reviews, & articles related to cars, trucks and motorcycles - Will Emissions Regs Make Bikes Just Like Cars?
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