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Production changes ahead at Toledo Jeep
Wrangler, Liberty lines see adjustments

11 Jan 2012

TOLEDO, Ohio (WUPW) - Toledo Jeep’s shop chairman says 25 people per shift are being pulled from other projects within the plant to go back on the assembly line, as Chrysler tries to keep up with global demand for the Jeep Wrangler. That will allow the plant to make 90 to 100 more Wranglers per day.

UAW workers already agreed to give up their holiday shutdown to stay on the assembly line. Now they’re preparing to keep rolling right on through the annual two-week summer shutdown, anticipating continued customer demand for the Wrangler.

The rest of this year will be quite different for workers on the Liberty lines, because they won’t work for nearly half of 2012.

Chrysler discontinued production of the Dodge Nitro last month. Now the assembly line is cranking out as many Jeep Liberty models as possible over the next six months, until that plant shuts down for retooling at the end of July. Union leaders say that’s all related to the plant expansion — and workers will be off five-to-six months, until they’re recalled and retrained on how to make the next-generation Jeep SUV to roll out in 2013.

UAW Local 12 officials were unavailable for on-camera comment Wednesday. The revamped Liberty will be built on a Fiat platform, but that's about all that’s known at this point. Chrysler officials are keeping other details close to the vest right now.

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