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Posted Wednesday, Mar 18, 2009, 12:41 pm in Jeep Employee News

Scott Burgess of The Detroit News spoke glowingly of the new 2009 Jeep® Patriot in a review today. Burgess said the upgrades to the ’09 Patriot are a clear indication that Chrysler recognized a need to improve the vehicle and went back and made the necessary changes. “Everyone deserves a do-over” he said in the lead to the story.

“The 2009 Jeep Patriot is the off-roader Jeep should have introduced when it debuted at the trailhead in December 2006. It was the right idea: a little SUV that could get groceries while crossing the Rubicon Trail; that 2007 model was just poorly executed.”

Burgess added: “Now, it’s vastly improved. Chrome accents are now around the dash vents, softer armrests are on the overhauled door panel and illuminated cup holders make the trip a little more bearable. Really, you don’t know what you’re missing inside a Patriot until you park a 2008 model next to a 2009.”

The new instrument panel is easy to read and cleaner, and he noted “there’s a nice curve along the dash and the chrome-outlined vents add a nice touch to the other splashes of chrome in the cabin.” The redesigned center console, he said, is much better with more padding on the armrests and more space inside.

“The new Patriot reinvents itself in a much better light. In the land of second chances, it’s not always what you do with the first opportunity, but the character you show to admit you’re wrong and try again,” Burgess wrote.
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