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Your Car Could Save the Music Industry

Jun 22, 2014

In the past few weeks, Spotify has claimed their 10 millionth subscriber, Amazon has announced the upcoming release of their new streaming service, Google is rumored to be purchasing Songza, and Apple plans on revolutionizing how consumers listen to music once again with their recent acquisition of Beats. It is clear that digital transmissions are not the elusive future of music distribution anymore; they are the present.

Earlier this month, Sirius XM’s SVP of music licensing, George White, Google’s Sami Valkonen, and Colin Rushing from SoundExchange were among the few industry players speaking at the New Music Seminar’s panel on music streaming. While the panel discussed the new possibilities streaming and digital distribution could bring to the music market, the conversation ironically focused on this traditional, but iconic destination for new music discovery: your car.

The ostensibly eternal marriage between

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